Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update for Spencer

 Spencer...thought you might like a gander at King...he's still in Denver...I stole this off his FB page.

 Yep! Ben is married! TOO CRAZY right??? Knew you'd want to see....
Meg skipped out on the reunion to have a girls weekend in Vegas. They went to some concert and here they are at some summer basket ball play offs?
Still haven't talked to you Michael since your birthday!!! And Josh...we are so playing TAG!!! Spencer...I hope this is enough pics...not sure what you meant last week by my not sending any? Do you mean of the BRETHREN? Since Mike hooked back up with Suzie I'm not getting anything off of facebook to share...and no new news from the other missionary moms...

Scooter Nelson had his farewell today and he is headed for Jamaca. Marsh has his papers in and we are waiting for the call...Tyler Hamilton's just went in today. No pretending from this Momma...I HATE it. But I think your Dad's LOVE for it all makes his balance heavier.

I am excited for this next week to just be NORMAL and try to get the regular stuff done. I about died when I heard a new song from RASCAL FLATTS on the radio Saturday that I LOVED and ran in to the computer to find that their albumn with that song on it was released in MAY and somehow I MISSED IT!!! Now thats a busy mom :)
The fires have made it a hazy darker day summer. I am so grateful for the rainfall this week that has helped temper them...although the lightening has started more.
Remember how Dad was sick LAST weekend in Boise? When he went to the Dr. on Monday he had pneumonia.
I LOVE YOU BOYS!!!! I MISS YOU!!! I think about you ALOT! I am so grateful that you are WHO you are...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE....I LIKE YOU and LOVE YOU JUST LIKE THAT!!!!
Miss me back and let me hear from you soon! Back scratches all around :)

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