Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another week of Summer

Marsh is still lifeguarding, Perk is still looking for a job, and Sam is still umping and doing odd jobs....other wse they are living up this last bit together.Wish you could see them do P90X together and then walk the next day:) Sam could barely golf this week because he could barely walk...but he managed :) August is coming closer and closer. I am breathing harder and harder.
MICHAEL AND JOSH THANK YOU for calling me!! I love it when you do. I only wish Spencer could. To catch you up Spencer---both are just working hard and loving it getting a bit warmer in Alaska. Both are happy with the money they are making. Not much for the woman scene...or the social scene for that matter. Meg is tearing up real estate and to treat herself just bought a 47"  flatscreen TV...or is it 46 or 48?? One of those! :) It has the smart TV so she can go right to Netflix:)  She came and hung in the pool with me yesterday afternoon when I was done with work. Dad got home mid day from Argentina and Chile. Jeremy and kids showed up last night and are staying for the 4th...Jeremy is still Mr. Cook and has made some chocolate concotion of brownies and pudding that makes it hard to sit here while the smell drifts in.
Spencer I have been checking the temperature and just DYING remembering how FREAKING HOT 107 is in the South. Thinking its time to send you some more shirts. You are probably wearing at least 2 a day? BE CAREFUL to drink LOTS and stay inside as much as you can. You just tell them YOUR MOMMA SAID SO!!!
Jared Radmall called yesterday and we tried to talk him into staying here when he comes up for his cousins wedding...pretty sure it's Justine's wedding. Anyway....he loves you as much as you love him. I hope he decides to stay. It's crazay that today is July 1st. We don't have any big plans for the 4th...just hanging at the pool with whoever shows up and yummy BBQ. The only thing I would want MORE is ALL of you HOME. 8 weeks  for Josh, and 10 for Michael and 40 for Spencer. Wonder how much weight I could lose in 10 before Kaui?? With the smell of that chocolate stuff in there the odds are looking so good.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank YOU for coming to me and letting ME be your Mom. Miss me---I am SURELY missing you! Make some great memories and love amazing people and be kind and generous to everyone around you. SPARKLE your SPARKLE.

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