Monday, June 25, 2012

Email from Spencer 25 June 2012

hey ma, pa , fam
well this week has been crazy crazy crazy, sad, relieving and ive never learned more. elder ------ is now brother ------- and has returned home from his mission after hour long talks with me, presidant and his family, he still made the decision to go home , i hope he will be able to learn and grow there, i hope his parents dont allow him to get into his old routin of dependance. it was sad to see him walk away from his best chance at becoming a succesful independant and spiritual person. but it was an even stronger testimony to me of how glad i am for you mom and dad, and the way you raised me and allowed me to grow and gain a testimony of the gospel for myself , and to learn how to function on my own, and do the rights things on my own. it was also another testimony to me of how it is impossible to let pride go and to serve the lord without an understanding or a desire to understand the lords gospel. anyways he left friday and now i am out of a companion for who knows how long, maybe three more weeks, i have been traveling around with the zone leaders since then, it been fun but i miss my branch and all of my investigators, i miss being able to focus on the work, its been a while , ferrari has been my focus lately, so im excited to get a companion and start working again, the zone leaders keep joking and telling me that ill never go back and im just going to be called to be a zone leader, ya that better not happen i just want to be a missionary, i hope im never a zl , i just want to baptize the people i love and focus on them.
we also had a ga of the 70 come and tour our mission this week his name was elder walker, it was so awesome i learned so much and now im trying to get what i learned down to a focus so i can improve on two or three of the most important things i learned, if i try to accomplish more then two ore three, ill get spread to thin n i will never get any of them done, ive been focusing alot on charity and obediance lately. its crazy how much my love for obediance has grown, theres just so much saftey and peace in obediance, god hasnt set any traps on his path to eternal happiness, theres no hidden land mines to blow our life to peices if we head to the words of our profet and the words of the scriptures. this morning i memorized 2 scrpitures one ofwhich is DnC 42: 29 the other Dnc 121:45 if ye love me, you will serve me , and keep all my commandments, let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of god, and the doctrine of the preisthood shall distill upon your soul as the dews from heaven, the holy ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchangeable scepter of rightousness and truth. which without compulsorary means shall flow unto you forever and ever. i love both of these scriptures, as well this week i was studying in mosiah and fell upon my new favorite scripture, MOS 2:34 knoweth that ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly father, to RENDER to him, all that you HAVE, and ARE. this week i was reminded of the truth that by following our savior we dont have the control over our lifes that many of us prideful people including me desire, we want to set our own limits and our own terms but it just doesnt work that way, but when we give our heavenly father all that we have and are he leads and guides and directs our life, and if we love him, we will keep all his comandmants and serve him, and thats where true happiness and peace comes from, god doesnt want part of us he wants all of us, but he loves us so much he lets us choose to render to him all that we have and are, he doesnt force us to love him, but he sure does hope we will , hence the 50,000 missionaries, the modern day profets, and the scriptures, but most important his son jesus christ, his love is what binds us to god, his love is charity, charity is everything. thanks for the package g2g i love you all so much.

luv elder harris

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