Monday, June 4, 2012

Sam's Graduation 29 May 2012

 He's going to marry this one...or so SHE SAYS:) And I LOVE it that she says it!!!!!!
                                                               Shaylee---she graduated last year and they still hang out :)
                                                     The PROUD parentals

 KINSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At end...just my favorite baseball player ever!!!
After Sam of course....well,,,,and then there's all the others...guess I love em' all equal!

 Skylar...what a woman! Lost her mom last year and she is still the one to comfort everyone else!
 Did I already say SO MANY WOMEN????????
 Halford!!!!! Lunch bunch man with amazing mom :)
 LONDON......besties till he "married" Paloma last summer :) Still besties just not so often.
 GOLF team! Johnny P is now up to 6,5" and it's hard for him to keep adjusting to his swing!

 The TWINS....the coaches daughters...always a FAVORITE!!!

 Ty pitched for the team and rocked our world MANY a night on the mound!
 These boys be "roomies" in the fall at Utah State....THAT is gonna make some girls HAPPY!!!!

 Coach and his boys!!!
 Marsh....this boy belongs to ME!!!
 Ok...ALL THESE BOYS BELONG TO ME!!! Just LOOK at Perk's smile! First on left!

 Prom Date.....still just as cute in the all green gown!
 Joel Gassman.....such a STAND UP kid!!! LOVE IT when he is around.

The boy and his COACH :)  :)   :)   :)   :)

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