Monday, June 18, 2012

Letter from Spencer 18 June 2012

hey fam
well this week has been a roler coaster, ups and downs and more ups and downs, basically all of our investigators have fallen off track, but we have also found new ones who seem more promising and willing to commit, my comps still doing the same, just cant and wont take his mind off what he wants, one day hell understand what the lord wants is more important, and by doing what he wants for us we show our love for him, by doing what we want we tell god that he cant have us, that we dont care what he wants, that we dont love him, something i did not understand untill my mission, what we want really doesnt matter that much, in fact it wont even make us happy, at least not for very long, then we just create another want to chase after, what never ending misery of selfishness, man i wish i could be less selfish, but anyways enough of that tangent.
yesterday one of our investigator families came to church there names are danilo and violeta, violeta is now best friends with one of our less active members named rocio, rocio and her family are probably one of my favorite members i will have to try to get some pics of them for you. anyways so 3 months ago we knocked into violeta, who is rocios neighbor and we taught her and danilo a first lesson , we then went to ask rocio if she knew her neighbor very well cuz we just taught them, she said no, we then committed her to invite them over for dinner with us the next time we came, only violeta came, but still it was awesome we ate and taught and read from the book of mormon, and the spirit was really strong, ever since then we have had dinner with them all atleast twice a month but we could never get danilo to come with us, and most of the time once a week, violeta wouldnt come to church without danilo because when she used to attend her church by her self without him he would get mad when she got home, and they would fight the rest of the , she even used scripture against us, contention is of the devil, but she really has wanted to come, she already knows its true she just does not want to do it without her husband, so saturday we went to violetas, danilo usually hides in the back but this time we went for dinner, and he couldnt run from food so i was able to talk to him, hes actually a really nice great guy, committed them to church, committed rocio to bring them and wala our church attendance increased by 25 percent, haha our branch is small, but im so excited for them , violeta loved church and danilo made friends with some of our members and there coming to our church activivty this saturday and to church again so im excited i really think they will get baptized, now the goal is to get them married, hispanics are never married!!!!!!!
my companion had a major freak out again yesterday, he said, the next time i see presidant ill saay right to him that im going to make your life ( me) and his life hard until he gets sent home , i just laughed, called up presidant and lets just say elder ------- didnt say any of those things to him, and now his fine this morning , stil no testimony or understanding, but theres not much i can do untill hes willing to listen and be humble, but i have faith that it will change , anyways gotta go, i love you guys thanks for the garments, i love love love you mom, dont forget it, but dont be suprised if i extend......... i love being a missionary

love elder harris

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