Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crazy BUSY Life!!!

 Spencie...this is US sitting in front of the TV SKYPING with YOU on Mother's Day!!!
 Dad and the Redmond's found this baby fawn in our back yard JUST before we were heading out to Sam's Graduation...we think the Momma must have jumped the fence on the Allphin's side and then had her in our yard because you know how tight I have the fences to keep THEM OUT. And yes, even me, the not so much a LOVER of those LARGE RODENTS, thought this was pretty cute. Dad unlocked the back gate where 3 doe where waiting and they took it back. Thank Heavens!

 The spots are adorable huh? The Redmon kids are heading to Cascade to live with Randy and Cheryl for the summer so they can 4-H and just be back in good ole Cascade:)They aren't loving Grand Junction so much. Except for Aiden who already has a girlfriend.

 Jeremy came with the kiddies last weekend and he has become quite the chef!!! I am still laughing! He bought a PICTURE cookbook and lets the kids pick what they want and then they make it:) That is an egg casserole with corn and green chiles above...I thought it was DELICIOUS!! And this yummy concoction below is chocolate chip cookie dough cooked, then when you bring it out of the oven you smother it with nuts, mini marshmellows and store bought icing. TOTAL YUM!!

 Took the kids to visit my kitties...the Peterson's brought them over tonight even...but I don't get them till NEXT Sunday:) So dang cute. Not sure HOW I am going to stay away from them. Jeremy brought their new dog"MISHKA" who is some kind of a Terrior...and  now Sam has decided after it barked so much all night that he really can pass on that responcibility. I'm not going to be the one to tell him that not all dogs bark like that...and mostly I think she was shook because she is normally an inside dog and I just could't do that, so she was outside and alone.
There are going to be ALOT of graduation I decided to download the week and then do a graduation blurb that is long in case you want to skip it. The Graduation itself was long, but the highlite for me was this music video "dub" thing they did with every Senior throughout the whole High School...we'll show all of you when you get home. No more High School Graduations for this Momma...until grandbabies!!!! Poor Sam...who knows when he'll get his celebratory DINNER OUT...things have been so crazy...and now we are waiting for Megan to get back home. He's decided on TEPANYAKI.

Only talked to Michael and Josh once this week. Both are happy. And DILIGENT. I can not say enough how grateful I am for how AMAZING all of you are. REALLY. THANK YOU makes ME look like this OFF THE CHARTS MOM!!!! And you KNOW I LOVE that!!! Josh said Alaska is one of the MOST beautiful places he's seen. He totally has the luch of the Irish and they put him on Hiway after only ONE week of city! So he is thrilled! (the tips are much bigger and the scenery much more diverse)  Megan has been in Washington, DC with work, and then stayed until late tomorrow night to play with some of her friends who live there now. Of COURSE she is having a blast! Uncle Kelly and soon to be Aunt Julia took her to a National's game today. She's pretty much done ALOT of the touristy stuff so you know she is loving it. She LOVES that her work is starting to let her travel. Check her out on Facebook and her blog to see more pics.  The baseball banquet was Wednesday AFTER graduation and I really liked helped me with my waterworks at the actual graduation, knowing it wasn't the LAST thing.  I FINALLY got my big deal negotiated and now I just have to cross my fingers eyes and toes until close.  Utah county has officially become a SELLER's market in the last 4 weeks for properties under $350k. Hard for some of my clients to get it after being in this ecomony for so long. Multiple offers on ALL of the properties in that range.
Talked to Olive today and she sends her love to you all.
 Brandon's farewell today...SO GOOD TO SEE ALL THE BRETHREN!!! They are all coming tomorrow night for dinner, swim and poker:) Spencie...we WILL be thinking of you!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! AND MISS YOU!!! Hey Spencer...11 more Fast Sunday's for this Momma!!
I will do more on graduation later.  MISS ME!!! The chickies are in the coop...we have about 30 snakes in the yard...the hot tub is HOT...tomorrow I am planting pumpkins...and the pool is sad without you all. BUT HOME IS STILL HERE...just close your eyes and you'll be with me...I'm cooking your favorites and reading by the pool:) See each of you in my dreams at the condo in Kaui!!
Your Momma

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