Monday, June 11, 2012

Letter from Spencer

hey fam how goes it?

this week was really good work wise things still about the same with my companion only slight improvement, so please keep praying for us, and yes mom i do need something, garments!!! i already asked for them but i think you have forgot, which is ok mom dont worry, but i am needing them now when i only wanted them before my garments bottoms are falling apart and the dri lux doesnt hold up well in the humidity so if you could get me 6 poly cotton bottoms, 34, and 6 mesh tops that would be the bomb, luv you.

so this week we taught like 25 lessons and i had alot of fun, our investigators are progressing but still we did not have a great result when church roled around, i guess its just carma for all the times i skipped out even though i knew what was right and best, but its ok i will just have to talk to them all this week and help them understand the importance church attendance has to our salvation, and day to day happiness.

we had an awesome lesson with a less active and his non member friend last night that lives with him, he has been taught a thousand times but he was finaly able to understand the connection between the power to act in the name of christ, joseph smith and the book of mormon, and tells us that he should have the book finished within the end of the month, hopefully he can stay true to that rightous desire.

we got a new missionary in our apartment, " the six pack" the same apartment elder cardon stayed in when he was born in the mission, his names is elder zach lee, turns out i worked with him at fox hollow when i was 16, which is pretty cool, hes on fire and loving life. which i love but it makes my companion  even more insecure. i think he will be sent home after this transfer, whether he wants to or not, hopefully something big can happen, but by looking at his desires and knowing that he has to do his part in order for the lord to do the rest, it doesnt look very likely.

dad you should read and search a talk called the fourth missionary, i have been studying it for about a month off and on whenever things get tough with my companion, i think you would like it alot, its something you could share with all the youth preparing to serve missions, please also share it with my friends and tell them its from me, to austin walker, mike and scott cooper ( he could really us it), and michael king.

its really helped me.

ill send yall some pics this week, sorry i have been slacking, dad where you going in honduras, half of my branch is from there , including my branch mission leader.

love you guys, i love and miss you mom, my back needs a scratch, it is o so deprived.

thanks for all that you do


elder harris

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