Monday, June 11, 2012

Letter to Spencer

Sorry...the craziness of the last 2 weeks  was enough and the only pic I got was of my last time having Activity Days here. Now they have called me to be a teacher in Primary. I will team teach with Allison Davis so it will be only every other week. Yesterday I substituted for the 4 year olds...6 little girls. ALL ADORABLE and all so chatty. The lesson was on being a PEACE MAKER...I thought it was going to be way over their heads, but surprisingly they were "all in" and comitted to doing their part by the time the lesson was over. I would LOVE to hear what they had to day at dinner about what the lesson was on.

Sam went camping with all the last year graduated girlies and some of the other guys...16 in all, up American Fotk Canyon and had a blast. We went to watch him ump a game Saturday and he WIND was so horrible we had to sit in the car. They were 9 year olds. Great to watch them dancing in the dug out and just generally in their own little world and not "into" the game.

The Alaska brothers are well and so is Megan. No big news. Just settling into summer. I am working TONS and that makes me happy. Allergies have come like a vengence for me, hopefully the Zyrtec will kick in soon. The kittens came to be permanent residents last night, the Peterson girlies finally and hestitantly parting with them..

Today is Missionary Mom I will get the scoop and everyone and get you updated.

I can only imagine how HOT and HUMID it is there now. I also watch the weather for there. I am SO GLAD YOU HAVE A CAR!!! I'm sorry for the saddness of your companion. I am so glad that YOU are his companion as he sorts through this. And glad that YOU realize how tough it is to make the sacrifice he is trying to make. LOVE ON sweet boy. LOVE ON. 

IS there anything you need? want? I would love some pictures if you could download some? Haven't had any for a long while...not since you have been in Augusta? A Momma NEED S to SEE her boy!

I love you so much. Finally I can count!!! 11 Fast Sundays :) Love that companions! I /WE are all here LOVING YOU!!!!

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