Sunday, June 24, 2012

 Sam and Bryson spent a few days at Lake Powell and had an astonishingly  SOUL RENEWING time...Sam saw 18 shooting stars in ONE night...ate steak and dutch oven better at wake boarding...and did NOT get FRIED even though it was in the 100's!!! Played hours of SCUM, loved some new people, and just basked in the greatness of the Universe. He and Bryson are going to have such a GREAT time together as roomates at Utah State.
 Strawberry Days Rodeo this weekend...some of your possee :)
A friend posted this on face book and it reminded me of when we had our 8 puppies and KNEW it would make all of you SMILE!!!

Dad is off to Argentina and Chile for the week. Sam is going to play in the Cascade tournament tomorrow. I have clients in from Texas and that big close is happening tomorrow:) THANKS for the prayers.  Meg is just playing hard and working hard  like always....we came home to her day long pool "party" disbanding last night. We sat on the swings and talked for a long while. My heart is so overwhelmed at how beautiful and peaceful our yard is. I just keep thinking...WHO gets to create like this??  And then I near to burst and want to sing and dance and scream out---I DO!!!! I am grateful....more than grateful...there needs to be a new word to describe it. Now if I can just get that Mocking bird to relocate and leave my Robins alone Eden will be perfect bliss.

With the weather so hot the pool is always full...I LOVE to come home to kids screaming and splashing. The only time its hard is when I can't get in with them. Piper Williamson (3 almost) has finally named the girl kitty--KIBBY. She can't say kitty and it is SO adorable to hear her say it. When they come to swim she barely gets in the water...she just mothers those kittens the whole time. So now it is official...we have Herman and Kibby:)

Dad and I went to a life pondering conference yesterday called POWER OF CHOICE. I really want all of you to go. My treat. It will replace some of the FHE lessons I never gave. I am a believer. The more we can wrap ourselves around the idea that we truly create our life by our thoughts the greater the freedom and happier our hearts will be  to live our authentic selves. I am so glad I am learning this stuff and cementing it in my heart before I leave the planet. I just keep thinking how AMAZING it would have been if I had learned it in my 20's!!! Meg is scheduled for July and I hope to schedule Michael and Josh for Oct. We can never learn enough about communicating and about how to take the negatives in our lives and turn them into positives.

It has really hit me that you are GONE. I hadn't realized how much of my PASSION is YOU. I am going to work on not mourning and start planning extraordinary times together. Starting with KAUI!!! We are going to make memories children. We're going to laugh and laugh and golf and play games and swim in the ocean and snorkel and EAT and talk and just BE and laugh some more. I am going to learn to fill myself up with the new experiences you share with me and then new experiences I choose for myself.  And then there will be THANKSGIVING...and then there will be CHRISTMAS.....and that time im between lots of planning for the time we ARE together. I LOVE YOU. I'm so proud of ALL of you. Sam announces last night that its 2 months exactly till he moves out. I just wanted to burst in to tears. But quickly I remembered how ridiculously glorious it was for me to be on my own at BYU. And I am happy for ALL of you that you get to taste and breathe and contribute to the world. That you have the opportunity for ANY experience you want to have. I am excited for all the people you will love and share in their lives...and then share with me.

Remember to LOVE yourselves, enjoy the NOW, slurp the sweetness out of the bottom of every experience. And pour your love on everything.
The Momma--the one who is going to work on growing up to the next step...the one whose life IS YOUR LOVE!!!!!!

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