Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter from SPENCER!! 30 July 2012

hey guys whats up

this week was good we had a few investigators at church and taught some awesomke lessons, were teaching a 9 year old whos dad cant join the church because his esposa is married to a man who wont divorce her in mexico but she wants to get baptized, she 9 and hilarious literally will not speak a word to us cuz shes so shy so she whispers in her dads ear and the puts on a huge grin as he tells us what she wants to, its made me get really good at yes or no questions which are her favorite cuz then all she has to do is shake her head haha had to have been my favorite lessons this week shes already read 13 chapters in the book of mormon and her parents and other children who are members have come to church the last two week her dad plays the bass and so when we went over for dinner on monday iu brought my guitar and we jammed out, and i ended up just leaving it at there house so we can play a little before our lessons francisco is such a cool guy and wants to be baptized so bad , so sad he cant, hes already read through the bom twice.

my companion elde r merrill leaves for argentina sunday and so me and elder billings will be conmpanions again?!!!!!! so awesome were so excited i loved being with him , so the two seperate area here in greenville will merge to one, which means alot of work, which excites me.

today were going to play basketball and get hair cuts and get some lunch some im a happy camper.

found 26 new investigators this week, that was not my record, but still fun hopefully we can keep up with them all.

thanks for the pics of radmall, thats so awesome i miss him, he was such a good trainer and missionary, we had so much fun even through our struggles of success, definatly going to be friends for life. so funny to see him and sam right next to eachother, both my heros, i cant wait to see where sam will serve! cool to see russels picture too im glad hes doing good and loving his mission.

anyways sorry for the crappy letter but i got to go and get pics for you guys.

love elder harris

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