Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday 10 Feb 2013

Hey Lovey!
Everyone is busy. Dad with work, me with work, Megan with work....everyone working:) Sam's love affair has warn a little thin and he is ready to be DONE working. Playing is SO MUCH MORE FUN!
Josh came home today....some crazy person charged $619 worth of hunting stuff to his card and then had it sent to he had to come home to fill out a claim form and get a new card. Meg and ladies all went to Ryan Innes concert here Sat night. I had Impact training this weekend. Michael is mister social.
I can't believe I'v got nothing to say. But, um.......Stake Conference was today so I missed my Princesses. I attended a do Terra essential oils conference Monday thru Wed at a fun lodge in Altamont with amazing people who are successful beyond my dream.   Herman tries to get in the house when anyone opens a door. Sam's farewell is March 24 :(. I want to eat sugar ....been 6 months and holding good. The weather has been cold and snowy for so long.....spring flowers will be gorgeous. I am trying not to think of just visiting you when I head to Florida. Going to take you to England to visit Sam :) What are they going to do to me? I think NOTHING. I think let you go on splits or whatever you want while we are there! More houses to sell and deals to deal.
I love you. We are ALLLLLLL SO READY for May 2nd. It is coming. And SO ARE YOU!
Make your week shine with happiness and love.

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