Monday, February 18, 2013

email from SPENCER

que onda guerros?

this week has been weird, we had great results but my new comp is just super strange, haha, hes very insecure, and tries to be funny all the time but hes just not, but its ok i know he just wants to feel loved and is freaking out because hes just starting his mission, his name is elder ---------  he is from arizona and was home schooled, (part of the problem) haha but im still having fun and loving life, the reyes family came to church again yesterday ,and the kids were going crazy during every hour, i was stressed out of my mind, but the ward took it better then i thought,its the first time they have acted up since i have been here, 2 of them are like david rapier whenhe was younger, but oh how i love them still , they are like my little brothers and sisters in my heart and i cant wait to see there baptism, and the changes that will occur inthere lifes because of the gospel. we are still working on forming a group here in west kolob and im pretty pumped for it.
so i know this is early but for my birthday i would like two things, mom if you could compile a video of the family talking to me individually, and whoever else wants to out of my friends, and send it to me on a sd card or a dvd that would be way cool, especially since im getting robbed of my fourth call home. and also , some protein powder, chocolate, let michael choose it , he will know whats best and what will taste good, i dont want isopure, i repeat, i dont want isopure , it tastes bad.
anyways i am doing good, loving everyone here, i feel so connected to some of the people here already and i know the ord has sent me here for them, i love that the lord loves me, and trusts me with these precious souls and their testimonies. i just love teaching the gospel, and helping people find more lova and happiness in their lives.
anyways i got to go. what ever happened in the super bowl by the way? i never got any pics or updates, i demand a repost haha
elder harris

tell mike i love his guts and let him make a video to send to me as well.

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