Monday, October 7, 2013

YES!!! Pictures! 7 October 2013 Sammer

El mejor familia en el mundo :) :)
Conference was sooooooo good!! My favorite talks were definitely President Uchdorf's and President Eyrings! There were so many that were outstanding, and will help me so much as a missionary, as a brother, as a son, and as a child of my Heavenly Father!
Tuesday was a rough day for me! haha but it was also hilarious. We went on this really cool cycling path that goes through the country side and there are loads of cows and horses and sheep and everything. There was a pretty big gap between the path and the bridge that we needed to go on, and I decided that I should be cool and wheely my bike on the gap. I fell right into some mud, and was stuck down to my mid shin! It was awful haha and Elder Pogue video'd the whole thing so that will be a pretty good laugh when you are able to see that. I thought I was never going to get out! so after pulling out with all my might I was finally un stuck. About 20 minutes later at our dinner appointment, we had seafood! I had no idea what this seafood was (it was Shrimp with the shell still on it) So I just t hought I was supposed to pop the whole shrimp into my mouth before peeling the shell, so basically I ate 2 entire shrimps. The eyes, the legs, the brains. the whole shabang haha and then I convinced myself that it was making me sick, although I was fine!
Wednesday we taught Rachael the law of chastity, as she is still living with her boyfriend. She knows that she needs to get baptized and is really exited to! Please pray for her to have the strength to speak with her fiance about moving out until they are married, and for the strength to continue to read the book of mormon! Her sister Amy had a few concerns about the lesson, but they were resolved and she is still on board and loving the gospel!
Louise, Shaun, and Claire are making so much progress! we have been worried about Shaun because of all the stress he has been going through with his kids and everything, but this week has been great for him. He fasted for the first time and received loads of answers to his prayers! such a miracle! we took Shaun out teaching with us on Friday to a lady called Sarah, who is also now investigating! Elder Pogue and I are so blessed at the moment to have so many awesome people to teach! We still need more investigators though, so please pray for  us to have the strength to be patient and dilligent in our finding efforts! Sarah is super cool! she has had 18 miscarriages. you saw that right.. 18! and she is really curious to learn about the plan of salvation because of this. 
For Conference, Elder Pogue and I watched it alone in the chapel, and it was a blast! we got some food and enjoyed it so much! It was like watching one of the big games with one of my best friends, except watching the prophet of the world and his counselors and apostles give us counsel. On Sunday we watched one of the sessions at ruby's and she made us an amazing feast!  Either I'm just a missionary, or that really was the best conference ever!
My spiritual thought comes from where I am at the moment in The Book of Mormon! which is the best- 3 Nephi. In chapter 17- verse 3, the savior says "Therefore, go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father, in my name, that ye may understand, and prepare your minds for the morrow, and I come unto you again." I think it's interesting that the savior is asking the nephites to ponder, AFTER they already know that whatever comes out of his mouth is true. The Nephites have been tested, and tried by so many wicked people who were mocking them when day after day, when the savior didn't come down, and when the signs of his coming were not coming to pass, and when they saw the savior coming out of heaven, without a doubt, they know that everything he says is true! However, Jesus still asks them to ponder to know if it's true. Similar for us- We need to ponder upon the things which we read, feel, and see. Even if we know without a doubt that the church is true, we need to continually renew and exercise our testimonies to make them stronger. If we don't do this, satan will very sneakily try to convince us that we never knew it was true, and we see this happen later on in 4th Nephi in the Book of Mormon! Every day we need to ask if this is Christ's doctrine and ponder whether this is the path we need to be taking or not. I do this every day and the answer I get is always ,"Sam, you know it's true!" But I know that If I don't continue to ponder and pray about the truthfulness of his gospel, it is possible that I can lose faith. 
Mom! you rock! continue to kick doTerra in the rear end! I'm so proud of you for the success your having! You are amazing, and inspiring, and you are unreal at everything you do! In Ulysses Soares' talk during the Saturday Morning session, he talked about meekness. He said something that made me think so much of you mom! you are so quick to forgive, and the story comes to mind of when I fell on my bike on my mission, because the punk kid loosened my wheel, and the first thing you said is "You need to pray for that boy and love him so much!" You are an amazing example to me of someone who has Christlike attributes!
How awesome was it to hear from an entergetic ex-BYU quarterback! he was rad!
Tell Spencer to email me! I hope all is well back at home, I miss you guys like heck, more and more every day. However, as we heard in conference countless times, there is no more important work, than the work of salvation in inviting people to come unto Christ!
Are Meg and Laura still living at home? I want to send them letters! so let me know where they are living so I know where to send the post.
I love you guys so much!! I am the luckiest kid in the world to have been born of goodly parents, goodly siblings, and have a heavenly father who loves me!
Elder Harris.

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