Monday, October 21, 2013

From the Sammer

 You are looking at Sam's bike...Elder Pogue's got stolen! This is the crime scene..they cut that wire lock on the ground...poor Sam...guess they didn't want his:)
                                                                 Sammer and Pogue

Good morning!
So this week was another pretty solid! Monday for P-day we mainly just kicked it and did a lot of nothing which was pretty nice to just relax!
Tuesday we taught Amy and it was brilliant! (the sister of Rachel) She is going to be baptized on the 23rd of November, and she is progressing like crazy! she reads the book of mormon every day, and the other day she read like 30 pages! she's elect! The healing power of the atonement is real people!
Wednesday we had zone meeting, and tracted in the rain a bunch. We found a new investigator named Jason tracting, and he's really cool! It's cool to see how the work of salvation really is hastening! my first couple transfers on the mission we were struggling to teach people, and now we find at least 1 new investigator every week. Still not good enough, but it's progress and I'm stoked about it!
Thursday we went on exchange, and I went with my District Leader Elder Patten in Derby. I love Derby! I want to serve there! Actually, I want to serve anywhere that has a university! It was so fun for me to street contact University students, because I was able to use so many of the skills I developed before my mission, talking to people who are the same age as me, and relating to them! we attempted to talk to 12 people, and we got return appointments with 7 of them! woo! all uni-students and I'm just addicted to talking to them about the gospel, because they are at a stage in their life where they are way curious and have the desire to have as much knowledge as they can about everything! and they recognize us as servants of the lord! it's so cool!
Friday, half of the mission went to the oldest existing chapel of the church! Gadfield Elm chapel in Gloucestershire, England! It's where Wilford Woodruff and many other highly influential pioneers of the church were taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some pretty cool stories about that place, and the spirit was very strong! It was great to catch up with so many of the friends I've made while serving my mission. On the bus ride home (3 hours) I was talking to this Sister Missionary who is one of my heroes. In the past 3 weeks, 3 of her best friends have died from freak accidents back home, and she is still going strong, working hard, and baptising like crazy! Her faith is soooo amazing! and the fact that she is still loving her mission is inspirational to me, and sometimes I take for granted how blessed I am to have the circumstances I have at home, and on my mission!
Saturday was the hardest rain storm of my mission! It was raining unbelievably hard on Elder Pogue and I when we were pretty far away from our flat, so we had to trek back and that was brutal!! but it was an experience I'll never forget. Plus we got a kebab after so it was ok!
Yesterday at church was alright, we didn't have any investigators at church which was a huge bummer! but 2 of them are on holiday, and 3 of them are the children of Shaun, and Shaun has some virus, and they didn't want to come to church without having their dad their. So it wasn't the lack of desire that caused them not to come to church, so good things are still happening! this saturday is Louise's baptism! I am very exited, and It will probably be my last saturday in Eastwood, so there's no better way to go out than with a baptism right? On Sunday an 85 year old woman named Vera Plumb absolutely melted my heart.  Every single week she see's me at church she tells me how grateful she is that I STILL haven't been transferred. yesterday she says to me , " I was going to have to hurt that mission president If I wasn't able to see my elder this morning!" I love her so much! ahh this whole ward is brilliant and I'm going to miss them like crazy in a couple weeks.
Today it's raining super hard so we're probably not going to go to Nottingham or Derby, and just stay in the flat, maybe watch the testaments or prophet of the restoration or some other crazy church film :)
This is a talk from President Uchdorf that I think everyone should read for my spiritual thought! Remember Mosiah 2:41!
Have an amazing week my incredible family and friends.
Elder Samuel Harris

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