Sunday, October 20, 2013

20 OCT 2013

 Joshy and Megsalina....Josh came home for his FALL Break....but Meg, Laura and Kylee left for Vegas...(He decided he didn't want to go with just them--pretty wise decision :)  )
 Josh in his birthday robe!
Joshy eating the FANTASTIC glutten free pizza that Costco sells now.


This week was super fast. I started at 8 and went till 1030pm every night till Friday. Taught 3 Medicene Cabinet Makeovers, had 2 trainings and showed a BUNCH of homes...none under contract. Then Josh and I went to dinner and watched the Tvoed TV we missed this week:) LOVE ME MY SURVIVOR! Dad got home Sat afternoon and we all went to Brick Oven for dinner....Spencer brought Casey...but I thought I shouldn't be taking pics of them right off like need to scare her yet. She is quiet and pretty. She is one of 10. Her folks adopted 5 children in addition to the 5 they already had. They have 5...yes, FIVE...on missions right now, and she plans to go on  one after graduation. 

Michael says Seattle is GREAT. He's working a lot. I am SO GOOD about NOT CALLING ALOT :)
Megs will be back later tonight from Vegas...obviously she is STILL LIVING THE we all can. Dad leaves again Monday...gets home Saturday...then I fly to Florida on SUNDAY till the next Saturday. My Florida team is coming together and on the 16th of November Patrick and Allyse are flying Doctors out for an all day Symposium for us...WE ARE THRILLED!!!!

Herman finally has his face hair back. Pretty sure he misses you BOTH since you BOTH loved on him so much.

Sammers....I have been thinking that maybe you should try a Glutten free and maybe even a vegetarian diet? How has your tummy been? Your tiredness? Your head? Your heart?  I keep dreaming that I am feeding you fresh fruits and vegetables (Like Daniel in the scriptures) and that they make you HAPPY and STRONG and that they give you a boost of HIGH LIFE FORCE ENERGY which elevates your spiritual frequency :) I KNOW...I KNOW... It sounds more like Star Trek but that is pretty much word for word what comes to me. And then I think...I CAN'T even be that disciplined...maybe this dream is FOR ME...but it ends with  Angels telling me (when I am so concerned about asking you to do it and how hard it would be)-- that THEY  can control appetites and cravings so that the dietary change is natural and pleasant. SO...maybe pray and see if this is for you or just for me or maybe a Momma having weird dreams cuz her boy is SO FAR AWAY!!!!

I want BOTH of you ---and all my kids-- to know that YOU are POWERFUL!  I LOVE that we are made in the image of our Heavenly Parents--CREATORS-- who hold this same quality. In growing my Do TERRA team I see some struggle (okay..ME TOO) with issues of Power and control. It made me really think through all the areas of my life that I WANT control and power.  I AM POWERFUL and I have felt it over the years. It can be scary HOW powerful we are! I have seen the misuse of power in so many ways. Its a tricky life skill. I can see how it is ALWAYS safe to use our power in LOVING WAYS... when we do the people who really love us will respect and applaud our sincerity. In my trainings I remind my leaders that Power is NOT aggression or manipulating or trying to force people into things. I am discovering that real power lies in BEING completely AUTHENTIC with ourselves and others. When we are, then others  are able to connect in a real way with us, and then make decisions and interactions with us based on what is best for them.  When I struggle in building my team I remind myself that no one is controlling me, or can control me without my permission, nor I them....and that what I want really isn't power or control over them...just WITH THEM xxooxx. I love that I always have options and choices and if I ask for guidance there is no better source than HEAVEN to guide me and assist me in honing my spiritual gifts. Just my two cents worth of deep thinking this week in prepping for my trainings...I love how it all intertwines with my whole life.

I hope you are taking time to SIT in the beauty of the world around you. What animals do you see a lot? Squirrels and birds? Michael gets all the creatures of the sea. I'm thrilled to come whale watch.
Sam...I dream I am with you. So... I am eager to visit and see what matches up. The full moon this weekend has had me wondering if maybe we are watching it at the same time....remember FIVEL?
Somewhere out there?
I AM HERE..LOVING YOU...MISSING YOU!!! Excited for the catching up tomorrow. Sweet dreams every night. May the joy around you come to you like a lightening bolt!
The Momma who loves you!

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