Sunday, October 6, 2013

October is HERE! 6 Oct 2013

 Yep...the boys remembering what its like to be with girlies...I think they LIKE it....
 Spencer joined a soccer team! Made a goal and had an assist....
 Came home from Convention Wednesday night and megs hadMinestrone soup, corn bread, pumpkin bars and tons of friends for a LANTERN MAKE A WISH party....she is a FUN daughter! We will light some when you come home. They ARE MAGIC...and I am so TOTALLY Counting on my wish to come true:)
 DO TERRA Convention was LONG DAYS but AMAZING education! I thought you'd like to see some of my front line builders. Jeri in the middle cuts my hair, practices body talk (an energy moving/healing modality) and now is a SILVER!!! Next to her is Ginger and she will be a Silver next month...both are fantastic educators and business women:)

 Theresa is on the left and my builder from Arlington Texas who has graduated from the Chicago Institute of Healing Arts with a specialty in ESSENTIAL OILS!! I know, RIGHT? The GOD'S SO LOVE ME!!! Shari is my front line here in West Jordan on the right. She saved my rear by coming up with this adorable booth for the big party called SPELL IT, SMELL IT or SELL IT!!
 And this is Christine Oliver. You just want to stare at her she's so pretty. BUT SHE is AS CRAZY NICE and WONDERFUL as she is PRETTY!!! We are going to put her/our name all over the state of Florida for Do Terra Essential Oils. I know I have been picky about my builders and not just taking anyone...but it has BEEN SO WORTH IT and so WISE :) I like it when I'm smart in business:) I will spend a lot of time in Florida in the next 6 months! Actually, in the next 3  years:)
 Da girlies.....
 Spencer being social...thought you might not have seen Lauren for awhile :)
 London the beautiful....
 Spencer's new wheels. Michael will have one soon as well.
HERMAN MISSES YOU!!!!!!! he has been hell bent to get in the house ever since it turned cold and more days than not I am starting out with hives on my arms. I know I've said it before, but the God's should not have made it possible to be allergic to something you LOVE!!

Okay...SO ...HOW ARE YOU??? Did you bring your camera cord so you can show me pictures of YOU????
The week has been so crazy busy I really don't have much to tell other than the picture diary from above. I didn't send your package...but will tomorrow AM. I thought of you TONS and wondered 100 times how much it would cost me to build in England and how I could possibly get connected with a builder. The new research on the oils is so fascinating and validating. I am sending you a few more things to take...please read the enclosed note. It will be super good for you. I found out I'm not a red carpet girl. It's not that I can't smile and dance down the aisle when my name is called...its that I really deep down just don't like it. I don't want a trophy or a plaque either. Just give me the money. I felt the same way when I was rookie of the year for real estate...I really don't want to go to some dinner and be the center of attention. I never enjoyed the baby showers thrown for me either. I watch at how some just thrive on it...will work their butts of to be recognized....I'm missing a chromosome I think. I am tired and glad to have the week over and ready to start working.

No new books this week...still in love with and only had smatterings of Joseph Campbell. Where are you in your Book of Mormon study?

It was general conference today. So super relaxed. The sun has been out but its CHILLY! 36 degrees for my run this morning at 830! Yesterday it was 57 degrees for you and 52 degrees for we are pretty similar.

We leave Wednesday to take Spencer back to visit his mission. He and Dad are thrilled. I am still hungover from convention and will think about it more Tuesday. You will have great pics next week!
The big excitement for the week has been that all the favorite TV shows have started:) Survivor, Scandal, Grey's....

I LOVE YOU!! I hope your heart is filled with remembrance of all the AMAZING GOOD you ARE! That you are HAPPY and SINGING and enjoying Elder Pogue...and MISSING ME xxooxxooxx
That Ruby is still feeding you ....and other families are lining up to shower you with their tastiest morsels :) I send dreams to you sometimes before I go to sleep. If you dream we are flying together, its because WE ARE!!! I love you LOVEY!!! Till the morning....

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