Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter from Sam 30 September 2013

 Sometimes I just want to LOOK at him.... xxooxxooxxooxx...OKAY, truth...I want to TOUCH HIM, BE with him. 18 months people. 18 months.
hey op my duck (an actual greeting in England)
This week was fantastic!
Monday we went to Derby, and bought some companionship onesies (pajamas with the union jack on it) they are legit, and Elder Pogue and I wear them basically every night before we go to bed, I would send you some pics, but I'm not sure where my camera chord is at the moment! We taught Rachael a lesson on monday that went really well, she's so amazing!
Tuesday we did loads of service! we first helped out an elderly couple called the Leach's, and then we went and helped Rachael's mom sort out their front garden. They own a cafe in Eastwood, so we were treated to free breakfast the next morning for the service that we did! later Tuesday night we taught a lesson to a guy called Gary. Gary suffers from severe depression, and he needs the gospel! we went back to teach him again on wednesday, and he left a note at the door saying that he needed to be alone. Please pray for Gary to find some happiness in his life!
Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder Patten who is our new district leader, and he is such a boss! we basically just gq'd and found like crazy, and had a really successful day! we taught Louise (Sean's daughter) and the lesson went really well. She is the most adorable 9 year old girl, and she loves coming to church and she is honestly reading the childrens book of mormon every night because it makes her happy. 
Thursday we had district meeting in Derby, and we all brought our onesies (The Derby Elders bought some as well). In the middle of District meeting Elder Patten says "I need to use the toilet" Instantly all 4 of us elders leave the room to go put our onesies on, and the sisters were laughing pretty hard when we all came in wearing our onesies. It was brilliant! We watched the restoration video with Sean, Claire, and Louise on Thursday as well and they all loved it. It's so fun working with them!
Friday we got a call from Claire (Rachels best friend) saying that Rachel's sister now wants to investigate the church! Her name is Amy, and she is sooo rad! Claire, Rachel, and Amy all work at the cafe in Eastwood, so we go and visit them every so often and get a breakfast sandwich. It's such a typical English cafe and it's so fun to be able to see them besides when we teach lessons. 
Saturday we got a media referral from a girl called Kitty who went onto  We went to her house immediately after receiving the refferal via text message, and she commited to coming to church the next day. Another miracle!
Sunday was the most nuts day of my life! -Sean didn't come to church because he feels like ever since he's been baptized life has been tougher.. So this week we need to focus on explaining to him that the advesary is working hard on him! Please pray for Sean! However, we had 4 Investigators at church! Louise, Rachael, Amy, and Kitty all came to church, and they loved it! we are so blessed to be teaching these people, and to have so many people who have real intent in changing their lives towards the savior. We also taught gospel principles, and we had to teach primary, with NO LEADERS. it was hectic. a bunch of little kids and then 4 missionaries. mom I don't understand how you always kept us under control when we were in primary, it's like every few seconds someone just gets up out of their chair to go do whatever they want haha and they don't understand when what they want to do isn't conveniant for everyone else haha now that I look back on it it was hilarious and those kids are brilliant. 
The work is moving! continue to pray for Elder Pogue and I to see Miracles.
So yeah.. 6 months eh? can you believe it? kind of unreal. still doesn't feel real that I'm actually on my mission in ENGLAND. 
I miss y'all. Spencer the most. I kind of don't want Spencer to get married so that we can chill all the time when we get back, but if he does get married, his wife is going to have to understand when he doesn' see him for at least a week haha.  I'm stoked for Mike to be able to go to Seattle. I'm sure he knows that the seahawks are 4-0. I predict that they will win the superbowl, but it's not like I'll be able to watch it anyways. I sent Josh a present for his birthday, so I hope that he receives it by the 9th, but if not, it'll be alright!
Spiritual thought for this week: "Preach the gospel at all times, and if possible, use words!" Our example is such an amazing way of sharing the gospel. It's so true that we can be examples of the believers! I know that people really do recognize our good works, which will glorify our father in heaven! I'm so grateful for the 5 best examples in my life. My savior, my parents, Joseph smith, and Gordon B. Hinkley.  Mom, Dad, I am so grateful for the way I was raised. I've basically lived a stress free life. and thanks to you guys, I'm here on a mission, influencing as many people as I can in a positive way, helping them live their lives in such a way that they can inherit the kingdom of god.  I was thinking, Wren Johnson is so cool. He baptized dad, dad baptized loads in argentina, and those people he baptized probably went on to raise families in the gospel, not to mention our family has now had 5 total missionaries who have all baptized and influenced hundreds of people through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It's amazing how it all just started with Wren Johnson. That guy deserves a gold medal or something!! I love you all, and have an amazing week. I know the church is true.
Mom- kick some serious butt at your convention is salt lake, and know that every single one of you will be in my prayers! Cheers until next week.
Elder Samuel Joseph Harris (named after one of the best, courages, and spiritual missionaries ever! I'll try my best to live up to the name)

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