Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love from Sam 3 Sept 2013

I had a great birthday! thank you guys so much for that way rad package. I can already juggle haha. I loved the dragon!! I told Elder Pogue about the "fight like a dragon" saying and so now we take it with us everywhere, and everytime something awesome happens, we thank the dragon. I think that might be worshipping false idols, but yolo................jk we obviously know that it's from our heavenly father! we had a birthday party/district meeting where after d.m. we just ate cake and they sang happy birthday! some of my favorite members got me presents. The stinsons gave me a map! haha every time I go to their house for a D.A, I always look at their maps beause I love them, so they gave me one for my b-day. they also baked me a cake, and got me peanut butter m&m's.  Ruby got me a tie, and kelsey sent me an awesome package as well! It really was such a sweet day!
Our investigator Sean is doing so well! He loved church on sunday and is ready for his baptism on the 14th. He just needs help to quit smoking. PLEASE keep him in your prayers so that he can fight off the addiction. His good mate Claire Beastall is also trying to quit with him, so please pray for her as well.  This next week should be amazing for Elder Pogue and I. Today we are going to be teaching 3 people for the first time, so please also keep Kayleigh, Rachel, and Margaret in your prayers! I know they are all female... flirt to convert right?? ok once again i'm totally kidding!! During my exchange with Elder Akebrand, who is one of our Zone Leaders, Rachel was one of the people we found. She stopped us on the street saying "hey Elders, I haven't seen you guys forever!" apparentely some elders came over to her house more than 5 years ago, but she was never bothered with the gospel. She is now very interested, and asked if she could be forgiven for all of her sins. We then bore testimony of the atonement, and it was very powerful. She definitely felt the spirit and started asking so many questions! we are teaching her in about an hour so hopefully that miracle will continue!
Yesterday we had zone p-day in Nottingham, and it was so fun. I love missionaries! we're just all doing the exact same thing so it's really easy to make friends, and there are no clicks and that sort of thing that we see back home.  We had a really spiritual testimony meeting at the end.  This work for the salvation of souls is sooo amazing! Did I ever tell you guys how lucky I am to be a missionary at this day and age? sometimes days seem really hard, and like they are never going to end. However, the moments when I feel the spirit and realize my purpose, those are the days when I am most effective, and love my calling! and how great a calling it is! While I was on exchange Elder Akebrand scared me telling me that I might not finish training Elder Pogue, and I might leave Eastwood, because President has other plans for me. I'm not worried though, because for the last 3 months people have been telling me I'm leaving Eastwood, and well.. I'm still here :) 
I love you guys so much! so stoked to hear that everyone is doing their own thing and enjoying it. It was so amazing to see Kenzie and Zach getting sealed! what a blessing!
Loads of love
you're brother, son, and mate,
Elder Harris.
p.s. (inserting my cheesy new punch line)-->  "I will always fight like a dragon" ;) I hope you can appreciate that one mommy

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