Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

 This one might make you cry.....look at all the brothas their with him....xxooxx
Thought you'd love to see this as well.
Getting to be some of the final weeks before we have to close the pool. Already the leaves are changing in the mountains and the weather is cooler at night. ARGH! Need me at least another WHOLE FULL MONTH of Summer.  Jeremy brought the kiddos...except Haven was off with her bestie at their family cabin so  we missed her.

Mostly we've spent the week catching up from being gone to Seattle. Spencer and Josh started school. Michael is back at work. Meg got into a little fender bender that has a crazy story...the kid tried to flee the scene and a girlfriend shows up and says she did it before the police got there. All is well. She wasn't hurt and her car just needs a new bumper. There is a good life analogy in there about the importance of bumpers...I'll let you chew on that before bed tonight. Spencer is officially at his apartment in Provo. Yep that SUCKS...but only for me. He loves it. Terrance comes home this week so you can imagine how stoked he is. Dad left last night for a week long trip. Another month ended and I am GOLD again in Do Terra. My next rank goal is Platinum. Real estate is good.

Last week I read the UNTETHERED SOUL by Michael Singer...and so serendipitous, he has a yoga "temple" about 15 minutes away from Melrose...I hope to go there when I go to build Do Terra this month. I really want to learn the practice. This week I've read a book all about ENERGY and how we prove to ourselves that WE CREATE through our thoughts...It's called E2 E (Squared). I THINK YOU WOULD LOVE IT. She divides these personal proofs into 2 day segments and you just do what she says and then SEE the results. IT HAS BEEN AWESOME. What loving GODS that we are allowed to create here. Sam...YOU are one of my MOST FAVORITE CREATIONS EVER....along with the other sibs of course :) But you reign supreme this week especially with it being your birthday. I called on the heavens to make sure it was a GLORIOUS DAY...wish I could have figured out HOW to get you breakfast in bed. Needless to were on my mind ALL DAY...and at 3 when I was sure you were in bed I tried to "get into" your dreams to go flying with you :)

I'v just started reading the works of a man named Joseph Campbell...quite the favorite thought of his, which he says sums up ALL of his works is : FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!
I LOVE THAT!!! Follow your Bliss Sam. Today I saw one of my favorite spiritualists interviewed on Oprah--Gabrielle Bernstein, and she said the most interesting thing about spreading the Gospel of LOVE, and when asked about all the other people doing it and how she felt about the "competition".
Gabrielle said that if they were truly doing "THE WORK", their is NO COMPETITION, only  co-opetition. Sweet huh? I thought you'd like that.

It sounds as though things are going super well. I love Elder Pogue just for the HAPPINESS I can feel from you while you are with him. Friends make our journey. SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE MY FRIEND LOVEY.
Make it an amazing week. Remember that just being YOU is plenty. YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE. You have always had the magic of creating such happy spaces. Wave that wand Lovey...wave that wand. The world is filled with people waiting to bask in your HAPPY.
I miss you. I LOVE YOU!!! Love to Elder Pogue and all who share your space. Even the kid who messed with your tire. That one especially.
Your Momma

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