Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter from Sam 9 Sept 2013

Another good week for Elder Pogue and I!
Sean's baptism is confirmed for saturday at 4:30 and Elder Pogue will be getting in his whites!! WOOOO HOOOO! He has quit smoking, and today we are taking him and Claire out for chinese food to celebrate.  We were extremely worried about teaching them the law of tithing, and not even a minute into the lesson, Sean was like, "yeah I know I need to pay it." so that was spectacular. Other than Sean, no one else is really progressing. Rachel is extremely.. well I don't know how to put it.. but she has some psychological issues she needs to sort out, and hopefully we will be able to help her out. she is afraid of going out in public because of all the people, but she won't let us go in her house because she has 13 cats. sooo yeah hahah I hope things will work out with her. 
We had a dinnner appointment on Saturday at 7, and we got there at 6:50, so we just decided we would tract for 10 minutes until we went inside.  We met a really sweet guy called Gary. He's depressed and needs the gospel. Our first appointment with him is tonight so please hope that everything works out and that he will read what we have given him! This week we are really going to focus on getting Sean's entire family involved, because sometimes it seems like he doesn't necissarily want them to join in during the lessons, so please pray for Sean to have the desire to have his friends share his joy in the gospel. 
Teaching English class to the hispanic in the ward is going really well. We are both learning loads from each other and having a fun time doing it. Now we just need some non-members who want to learn English to show up. #
In a week I will find out what happens with transfers.  If everything happens normally, I will stay in Eastwood another transfer and finish training Elder Pogue. (Even though Elder Pogue came to the mission pre-trained) However, when I was exchange with one of the Zone Leaders, he basically told me I was leaving. so who knows. transfer dodge is nuts!
I hope with all of my heart that we can continue to see miracles and help people come closer to christ.  Thank you all so much for all of your love and support, I could not be here, loving my mission and the people of England, without all of the things you guys have done for me! I love my family and friends so much!
Have an awesome week, sorry this week I didn't 'write much. but be good, and read the book of mormon :)
Elder Samuel Harris

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