Sunday, September 29, 2013

He's OFF to create a life in Seattle

 I LOVE this man! So now Sam...I will be writing to you AND Michael. This baby is only ONE DAY was Michael's boss's son. His boss is helping him sell his motorcycle since he knows so much about them and we don't know anything. I love Michaels JOY in life. I LOVE how he knows what he wants and creates it. I LOVE how much courage he has to embrace the unknown. I LOVE how he loves everyone everywhere and Seattle is just another new million or so people to LOVE!
Josh, Andy and Spencer did the all night drive thing again and drove with Michael out to Seattle. When I get more pics of his apartment and stuff I will send them on. No doubt there will be MANY MORE TRIPS TO SEATTLE NOW!!!! I am grateful Thanksgiving is so near. And then Christmas. That will make it easier on me. I am excited for you Michael. Beginnings are so filled with POSSIBILITIES. One of the reasons I LOVE that we get a NEW DAY every 24 hours. So Universe....Now I NEED to get to SEATTLE please send me an AMAZING Do TERRA builder from there SOON.

SO...Gas for the truck was super expensive and Spencer hated asking for help with paying for it, so he and Dad decided to sell the truck and just yesterday Dad found a SUBARU Forrester for Spencer. It's blue. I know you are going to be a bit sad....I'll take pics of the truck for you before it actually sells. I am sad. Its just so nice to have a truck. But we don't use it quite like we use to now that the pool is in and I don't have any space left to radically make more yard changes. Its crazy the way I get attached to vehicles.  I never had this sleepover in its crazy cold.

SO...Josh, Andy and Spencer are driving home right now ---through the night. Josh will head back to school...his birthday is the 9th...he wants a CHESS SET...I am on the look out for something COOL...! We leave on his birthday to take Spencer to visit his mission in South Carolina. I wished we'd wait to YOU get home to do it so YOU could see and golf with him. Spencer just couldn't be much happier with school, the girlies, and WORK...he has decided to take only block classes next semester so he will be able to GOLF more all spring. Love a man who knows what he wants and LOVES IT!!! Andy is just as dear as ever....da other brotha :)

Megs Laura and Kylie are playing hard, dating hard and just so fun for me to have around.

This next week is the Do TERRA Convention in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace. I will have my Texas and Florida builders here at the house.  I will be recognized as GOLD rank. I personally will have 59 people there from my legs. I am so thrilled. The week is JAMMED full. I still have much to do today to get ready. I am responsible for a FUN, educational booth at Allyse's party Thursday night and just today I'll start pulling it together.

My book this week is Joseph Campbell's THE POWER OF MYTH. So MANY great minds have come to this earth. And so many great hearts.  And teachers. I really really really am drawn to how well read he is,-- how he shares what he has learned through study of the greats in everything--whish he ultimately looks at all of them as  story tellers about the history of our entire world.  I love the way he looks at EACH of us as the HERO in our own story with a specific journey. But that the hero's JOURNEY is not the courageous act...but the life lived in SELF DISCOVERY IS!
And I quote "Luke Skywalker was never more rational than when he found within himself the resources of character to meet his destiny." I am seeking RATIONAL.  Talking about THE JOURNEY he says "The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstacy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others." One of the many distinctions between the celebrity and the hero (he says) is that one lives only for self while the other acts to redeem society.
YOU LOVEY-- ARE MY HERO. You are LIVING to redeem society.  So so so many more things to share from him. I wish our lives could be more filled with just reading and sharing. Actually. I decide. It IS. And hey...I AM! With you! EAGER for the day when your journey provides more time to share in my readings.

I am heading up the canyon for a long run with Kim. The colors are already mostly gone. Such a strange fall. It is will be 29 degrees at the start of the trail...its 39 here. When I run I ALWAYS think of ALL of you children. I am so in LOVE with the Gods whose plan it was to allow ME motherhood of YOU. Each of you are about such incredible JOURNEY's . I am so much older and yet feel so far behind you, like I'll never be able to "catch up". The good news...the 50 years in me-- shakes that thought off and chooses instead to revel in what already IS and be excited for what is to come for us! TO THE JOURNEY!!! HOORAH for the JOURNEY!! Can't wait to hear about the details of yours in the morning :) LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! Need anything? I am sending you a Halloween package tomorrow last chance to have me throw something in...

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