Friday, October 10, 2014

Sam Home in 150 days from tomorrow....

But WHO is counting, really? I mean....its not like it has already been a freaking 19 MONTHS!!!!!

 Can you believe how BIG they have gotten???And just TOO adorable!

 Megs busy working at her task masking office!!! I love the action shot below!
 MICHAEL CAME HOME!!! and then he left...he is already back in Seattle and already found an apartment. He will meet us in Boise for cousin Stacey's wedding :) Yeppers...still as beautiful as ever...and MEGS? Well...she be datin' a BOY Sammers...FOR REAL!!! So...write her privately and see what she will tell you!!!!
I talked to Kincade this week...he is ready to have all you brethren home :) He sends his love. I'm excited because Tanner will be home in just a few weeks...FINALLY!!!! Spencer spent the night with me last night and had Cole over so the longed for FRIEND christening has begun! I'm going to Seattle Monday to build Do Terra with JOSH...TRUE STORY!!! Yes, I AM THRILLED! He had a fun birthday the Therese planned for him. He got a blendtec blender to make his smoothies with...atta boy!!!

I've been working like surprise to you. Meeting so many incredible people...working on creating more time for just VISITING and not so much work. Preston and Drew are here for the weekend because Drewser had a soccer game in Sandy tonight and one in Mapleton tomorrow. YOU KNOW THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Aunt Jer had to stay in Logan for Laikyn's games.

I am in the middle of a fascinating book by Dr. Joe Dispenza entitled BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING to Lose your MIND and Create a New One....yep...another on Momma's please read list. Our bodies...and especially our brain is beyond fascinating. So so so know that we came here to grow up ourselves in HAPPINESS.

Love that about you are all stellar at choosing happiness. SOOOO..,.lets CHOOSE LOTS of it this week!

Da Momma  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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