Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making my Momma PROUD

I Love Nutritional Science: Dr. Joel Fuhrman at TEDxCharlottesville 2013

TEDx Talks 1,683,600 
I almost cannot believe that I AM THE ONE POSTING THIS!!! But I am...and please watch? And lets get some green plant based foods into your body as well as using the plant based oils for healing?
One green smoothie a day will make a HUGE difference....ASK JOSHY! The stories  he shares are so compelling!!!!
Pretty sure these life changes in me means I will be here till LATE in my 90' the pressure on getting me grandkids is officially reduced xxooxx

FACT: I green smoothie has over 700 times the nutrition the average American gets in a WEEK!!!!

This Momma LOVES you!

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