Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Hello LOVIES!!!!


I am in the MOST romantical little town named ALACHUA. Yes I know romantical isn't a word. Until now, when it IS.

The small 2 blockish downtown is decorated outside by the storefronts. I hope to get pics that I can get downloaded for next weeks post. I get to go give candy with Paul and Diane and Rudy and Ashley...Rudy and Ashley are my top Florida Do Terra builders. Ashley is in school for Chinese medicine...a perfect match for the oils. Diane literally has buckets of candy to give out tonight. I am enchanted with their lives. Rudy lives directly across the street from his mom and dad. They eat dinner together most nights (Does this sound like  the plan of somebody you know?) They all work from home. People pop in and out all day. My bringing the ZYTO scanner has been the hit for the last 2 days. Children come after school to get "oiled up" from Rudy,. People from all walks of life come for the extra fish they have from their catch, for the fruit from their trees, for the LOVE and friendship that oozes out the front door and into the town itself. I could write paragraphs on their generosity, on their kindness, on their magnetic community building skills. I wanna be like them.

The trees are incredulous. HUGE Oaks with moss hanging down. I want to hug them all. I want to take pictures of them I had a working magic wand I would beg them to tell me the stories of the people and their lives that they have witnessed over the hundreds of years they have been there.

This morning we took a walk. Diane carries cat food for the stray that got left behind when someone up the street moved out. The dogs are treated like people. Paul stops and talks to at least 3 people in cars, on the sidewalks. Paul calls over Eric, a black man who rides his bike from High Springs to Gainesville every day asking him if he could take some fish off their hands.....The morning started with everyone gathering on their front porch for tea and coffee, the paper, and political talk about the upcoming elections...legalizing marijuana is on the docket. two different women show up and share a cup. There is no hurry. Only NOW ...this moment. I have much to learn from them as my mind and heart begged for MORE. They created this. I am overwhelmed with the freedom each of us has to create the lives of our dreams. What do you dream?

I pulled a card question this week that asked  "What would be perfect?"   There are SO MANY OPTIONS....and coming here and being with these people creates even more in my mind. WHAT  would be perfect for YOU???? FUN STUFF TO CHEW ON!!!!

Today I am working on my NOT WORRYING Mother skills as Michael drives the rest of the way to Seattle. I LOVE that he and Michael are together there...but you know me and whole motorcycle yes...glad its Halloween with a LOT of distractions.

I am wondering if anyone is wearing the costumes from last Christmas??

Sam ...I hope YOUR costume gets you LOTS of treats today!!! Becky says Halloween isn't so big over there. Surely someone will have a donut and some cider.,..or maybe you can sweet talk your mission mom into some pumpkin guts :)

I got an email from someone this week that said that they had been tumbled and humbled and wanted to live life DEEPER instead of FASTER. I liked that.

Hopefully Megs will post pics of her and Dan soon...and I have some to share with Michael and Hiedi but they are on my phone and I don't know how to convert them from my laptop. I read Dad's letter to you so I saw that he caught you up on the world series and other stuff Sam xxooxx

I'v got to head to a class....but I am SOOO Happy to be your Mom....SOOO Happy to be on the planet....BE SAFE...BE LOVE...SHINE THAT LIGHT...

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