Monday, April 29, 2013

Email from BAM 29 April 2013

 MY BOY!!!
 Sam says this reminded him of Harry Potter and the magical phone booth:)

 holy cow another week has gone by! these weeks go by so fast! it seems like honestly yesterday I was writing you guys an email! this week was fantastic.  Tuesday we met susan's uncle Reg, and his girlfriend/partner I don't know what to call her, but her name is kitty haha! they are so nice and so funny! they immediately got us some chocolate and drinks and insisted that we stay and chat for a while so we did! They then on saturday took us to get fish and chips which we're absolutely amazing! it was this way cool shop with a beautiful view outside! I'll send some pics.  we then went back to their home and shared a spiritual thought, and it was really good! they are probably my favorite people i've met here so far.  later on tuesday we went on like an hour bike ride to this town at the edge of our area, and it was an amazing bike ride! I took some sweet videos, but unfortunately I can't send any videos home with the email, so you'll just have to wait for my SD card to run out of memory and then i'll just send the whole thing home! i've taken like 30 videos haha i'm sad you can't see them yet! Wednesday I went on exchange with the district leader in a city called Derby! it's a way sweet city, with a ton of really old, huge churches!
Anyways so I was using his normal companions bike on the way to a Dinner Appointment, and all of the sudden, the left pedal just fell completely off of the bike! so I had to put my foot on the right pedal, and then scooter the bike for like 3 miles! there was definitely a lot of people laughing at me! it was humiliating haha just scootering a bike around a big city,right through their shopping complex (it was a place a lot like the riverwoods) but all in all it was actually hilarious. it was funny cause these 8 year olds passed me on an actual scooter laughing. oh well! 
 Friday was awesome, we taught a lesson to mr. williams, (77 parkinsons) and when he said the prayer, after he finished he said he felt really good and felt something really strong while he prayed! woo! We also taught Edward about temples, and how he has the opportunity to be married to his wife for eternity if he keeps it up! he is so stoked about that and really wants to get baptized! but guess what.. he has a real phobia of water! we had to promise him like ten times that he would only be underwater all the way for maybe a second. we'll see how that works out!
We did a ton of service on saturday, and got fed for all 3 meals! Sundays are always way rad here, because the members always cook feasts on sundays! There was this girl on the street yesterday who heard my american accent, and then her and all her friends kept on asking me to say things in my accent and then giggling, and then my companion in his german accent.  it was so funny! then they asked if me and my companion wanted to spend the night at their place, we then explained why we didn't do this and gave them books of mormon:) haha i've never had so much fun in my life!
We're going to Derby today to go shopping in that sweet mall place, and hopefully buy something cool!
Have so much fun with spencer! you know how much I would love to be there! but just know that I am praying for you guys and my spirit is there? (I don't think that's actually possible) but what i'm gettin at is, i freaking love my brother and you guys are lucky as heck to see him!
Mom- I don't need ramen or orville redenbaker, but they really don't have it in any stores i've seen! just send me a package with some snack food maybe? i don't know you'll do good either way!
Love you so much family! talk to you next week
Elder Sammy

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