Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's 1:10 an hour I am only 4 DAYS AWAY from SPENCER!!!

 Timpanogas Baseball team Seniors holding their mission calls
 Carson:) Prom was last night.

 Scott just posted this from THIS MORNING!!!...he is in Chile and saw London walking to church...maybe we SHOULD go to Chile Spencer! His companion is not far behind London just didn't get in the pic.
Miss Ashley Nelson graduated from BYU!!!!
Da Boy after his talk with Kimmie the BEAUTIFUL!!! We are SOOOOO going to miss this man.

Hmmmmm....I just love you BOTH SO MUCH!!!! I read another book this week that will be put on the MAMA SAYS I GOTS TO READ THIS list. It's called the HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE. The author does a short TED TALK on it...but the book is filled with all sorts of studies that cement his thesis....and well...we ALREADY know that Happiness is the key to life...but he gives some interesting takes on how to choose it ...just choose it for yourself even when it seems unlikely or hard to do. I see Dad bought several copies as well on the kitchen we will NOT have a short supply.

The Day is GORGEOUS outside...I will head to the trail with my bike in a bit. I wish you were here to go with me and tell me about your weeks. Spencer I have especially felt your sweetness as you struggle to leave so many you love. But I can't help it. I AM a selfish mother...I am way more excited for ME!!!! We just left Mike Cooper's Farewell talk. Kimmie recorded it for you...he was AWESOME SAUCE...spoke from his heart. All da Brethren will be here for the BBQ and Pool party Thursday at 6:30. We pick you up at 2 and you get released at 5:30 and we will come home to a rockin house:) EVERYONE IS EXCITED and has taken off work and rearranged schedules to be here. Later this afternoon I will head down to reclaim the MAN CAVE from Michael and have it ready for you. He moves out a few days after you get home.

Zach can get you on at PG Parks and Rec if you are interested? I will need to fill out the application tomorrow? Not sure how that would work with you traveling with Dad? Anyways...lots to PLAN:)
Saw a Chevelle yesterday and laughed out loud that I would see it so SOON to your coming home...don't know that I've EVER seen one live:)

Sam Lovey....YOU FREAKING TAKE THE CAKE for sending the best letters home...and the pictures...LOVE the pics...try to send me some of your apartment? Did you get  to have dinner with Kelsey's aunt and uncle? I am thinking you MUST have Orville Redenbocker popcorn AND Ramein there? If not I will happily send...but seems crazy that they wouldn't have it? Thursday is going to be such a bitter sweet day. YOU will SO BE WITH US....

The Logan condo was rented to a darling couple this week.
Josh is one week closer to finals...he will be done when he gets here to go with us to get Spencer.
Michael is DONE with finals!!! Megan went to Vegas to meet Ryan and have a lovely get away weekend. Laura and Kai went and Andy too. Ryan won his sing off this week:)
I completed my last weekend of LIFT OFF training with was all about LOVE and the ripple effect we have on the Universe. They sent us out on a 2 hour LOVE creating group chose a nursing home...we bought ballons and flowers and cupcakes. We took something to each residence and then divided up and hunkered in for a visit. It was SUCH a sweet hour...I visited with a man who just had his second knee replaced...his wife died just 4 months ago when his first knee was replaced--the very next day after his surgery. They would have been married 57 years in a week. He cried at how much he missed her. I could FEEL her there with us....almost unnerving, but at the same time, so surreal and COMFORTING. I couldn't tell his age...but he must be somewhere in his 70's....He will be there for 2 more weeks. It made so GRATEFUL that GrandDad never had to do that. It would have been hell for him...and me.  I love that it turned my head to how MANY nursing homes there are filled with people eager for a visit. They spend their days made me feel ashamed  as I have thought a few times the last 2 weeks about how much I just want to take a day and do NOTHING...just STOP. And they would give their fortunes I imagine to relive one of my FULL days. It made me think of my Great Nana's great aunt....her name was Lillian Brown just like Nana's. She loved to tell me how this woman marries into the family and is IMMEDIATELY loved and the favorite of much so that when the Uncle died EVERYONE fought over who got to take her in.xxooxx. Lillian loved cards and children and cooking and people and was most often found just LOVING on someone.I want to be her...I want ALL you children to fight over who gets to tend to me. Made me think about the trades I make for work and money. It was a sweet experience. Again, I realized how much I LOVE DANCING...I was born to DANCE. I LOVE dancing at Impact...all ages, all degrees of friendship, and the freedom to just let loose for JOY!!!
Challenge for the week...DANCE IN THE SHOWER!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE on all who come to your space. And then love them some more.
Always know that I am HERE....deeply in love with YOU...WHO you are, HOW you are...just not WHERE you are:) YOU make the world a SWEET place to be! Humongous HUGS and LOVES coming your way.

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