Monday, April 22, 2013

Da Bammer xxooxxooxx 22 April 2013

hey family!! mom the blog post this week was amazing! I haven't been homesick on my mission yet, but some of those pictures made me tear up! Mike and Brytni on the Bike made me miss home, and then seeing perk, kelsey, and john with megs made me start tearing up! they are so awesome and I miss all of you so much! Mom congrats on doing well in DoTerra! who knows that the heck silver means but that's rad!! That's so crazy that Susan's uncle and Aunt are basically 5 minutes away walking! haha we will definitely go and visit them this week! Guess what happened in my dream last night?? Spencer and I were golfing! and then after we were done golfing he gave me a hug and said, see you in two buddy! as we both started crying! but it was such a good dream. God's finding ways to have us still hang out with each other!  So I always tell my companion stories about Mike, just because he's awesome. and my companion basically thinks mike is the coolest person ever. whenever I give him a hard time he always says 'I wish your brother was my companion.' because elder pauly german, wants a motorcycle, and thinks brytni is cute, and the stories I tell about mike are obviously hilarious! oh and guess what? I ate a doner kebab! they have them all over the shops, but according to my companion, they are 10x better in germany. whatever I thought it was delicious!
This week was really solid! We committed Edward to baptism! crazy huh? he just needs to stop smoking, which will be hard because he smokes at least a pack every day. but we have faith! please pray! Other than that we have been doing a lot of finding! I love tracting. who knew that I would enjoy that, that's what I was most afraid of! I'm already really comfortable talking to people on the street. Unfortunately the people on the street don't really want to talk to us!
crazy story of the week. So we have an investigator who is 77, his name is mr. Williams... also he has parkinson's disease.  he shakes like crazy all the time.  he has a guy who takes care of him everyday and cooks him meals and what not. On Tuesday Mr. Williams and guy who takes care of him took us to lunch at a pub to have steak, it was really nice! but after that we had a dinner appointment in Jacksdale which is 15 minutes away, and we were just going to cycle their after we were done having lunch. The guy taking care of mr. williams had to go home after lunch, and mr. williams insisted that he drives us to jacksdale in a car.  A 77 YEAR OLD MAN WITH PARKINSONS drove us for a 15 minute drive. it was easily the scariest 15 minutes of my life. I'm not kidding when I say that I prayed the entire time! he kept stepping on the gas on accident because of his shaking and stuff, but he INSISTED that he takes us there instead of us cycling, and we didn't want to offend him. we made it there in one piece and then prayed for thanks that we were still alive. at the time it was terrifying, but I will never forget about that car ride and I'm actually kind of happy it happened, cause looking back, me and my companion just laugh our heads off!
We have played football 6 times since I've been here! it's so fun, and i'm getting better, although the people who live here still work me. we usually play with the youth, and they bring friends who aren't members, which is a really really good way for their friends to see how normal mormons are.  it's a blast!
One of the sisters gave me a bike, because she bought a new one, so that was nice not to pay for a bike! that's too bad that varsity isn't doing so well. I remember a varsity team that didn't do too well in the regular season either.. and they ended up alright! so i'm not worried! they will pull it together I hope!
Dad that's awesome that some big deals in honduras and guatemala are coming together good luck with that!
Josh good luck in finals! I'm praying for you like crazy because with all the money you will make someday, you will have to share some with me :)
the Ryan fan club looks so rad! I would be all over that if I was home. Tell perk and john to email me. even if it is 2 sentences I want to hear how they are doing!
I hope you guys have a wonderful week! keep praying for me, as I will for you! Love you all soooo much! (including Laura and Brytni)
Elder Harris
p.s. Mom if you want to send me a package with ramen noodles and snack food that would be legit. orville redenbaker movie theater butter popcorn? I don't know what else. whatever looks good! oh and I will be sending more pics so look out for those as well!

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