Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marker day

Today my baby flies over the ocean for 717 days.....not including these last 12 days gone.
So much living happens in that many days. So much change. And GOODNESS.  Calling on the Gods of LOVE to comfort my broken heart and fill it with the JOY of the true POSSIBILITIES for both of us...for the friends and loves we have yet to strengthen and  MEET--  the places we will come to know and cherish, the truths that will be cemented in our knowing, and all the unknown surprises that will thrill us!

Here we go LOVE BUG!!!!

Our successes are imminent.  I plan to happily work my guts out till your return....and all that falls in between will be the whipped cream.  Every one of these 717 days will be filled with my love for you...I will squish the longing with letters and imaginings of my being there with you and with dreams of days to come when we are no longer separated.

Time. Time. Time. Such an interesting ingredient in my life. 23 days of time till my Spencer is back with me. 23 days. Heaven to me???A dimension where NONE of us are ever separated from our loved ones.  Maybe the whole coming to EARTH thing is especially about learning how to be connected even when we are apart.

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