Monday, April 8, 2013

hola family
this week was great with general conference and lots of awesome lessons, we watched the first session with sherry at her house, and then we watched the rest of them at the church with other investigators and less actives, I ate delicious tostadas, and posole ( good Mexican soup) between sessions yesterday, so I was a very happy boy, why cant being chubby be attractive, I love eating too much. sherry feeds us like kings every time we go to her house to teach, and this week she even made some delicious chicken with some wine sauce, which mom knows I love, I think its the acholohic in my genes that makes me love marsala sauce so much. anyways sherry is the best and is getting baptized this weekend, Im so excited, im excited for her good friend larry as well who weve been teaching , he is really searching and I know he will have his answer soon. were still trying to figure out the marriage for the reyes family, and they have been finally making the official callings for the Spanish branch we are starting, so im pumped by this week or the next it should be our own sacremant meeting and all, not just a group. I love being a missionary, the Hispanics found out that this was my last transfer during conference and decided that they will have to throw a feast before I go with, chile relleno, my favorite, and bombasos, my other favorite, and were going to invite all the less actives and investigators and just have a giant family home evening.  I couldn't say no.
we were also able to help out one of our members fix up a burned down house he bought to fix up for his family, it was way fun and we were able to teach his brother after and its looking like he will be getting baptized in may! I loved conference this week, I love hearing the testimonies of the restored church of christs special witnesses, the spirit is so strong and we learn much more then just the words that are spoken if we pay attention to the spirit which will teach us all on a personal basis for the things we personally need. I especially loved priesthood session and the talk about putting on the whole armor of god, and taking up our shields of faith that will stop the fiery darts of the adversary, sorry if that's not how it was said in English I was listening in Spanish. I also especially enjoyed as did dad elder hollands talk, and my other favorite was elder d todd christphersons, I love how simply and clearly he links agency into every principle of the gospel. I love agency, I love I get to act and not be acted upon, I love choosing the right even and especially when its tough, I love choosing to be happy. I am forever grateful for the atonement of our savior jesus Christ, and the ability it has given me to forgive and love others, especially to forgive and love myself in all my weaknesses and faults , although ill never forget my mistakes I can forget the guilt and shame my mistakes and sins have brought upon me through my savior, he is the light , the way , the truth, he is the way to peace and happiness in this life and the life to come, his atonement is todopoderoso para salvar y sanar cualquier cosa que hemos hecho. cristo es mi amigo fiel , y le amo con todo que tengo, he will guide you and prosper you as you free yourself through repentance and obedience to his word, the sword of the spirit. I love this gospel! and  i love sharing it even more.
love elder spencer haris

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