Sunday, April 21, 2013

11 days...11 days...11 days.........

 I know I've posted this before...but she's just SO BEAUTIFUL....and she's been with me all week, Monday was the anniversary of her mortal death. I love that she is STILL loving me while off on another life adventure loving others.
 This reminded me of EVERYONE of you boys....EVERYONE!!!!!! And you too Megsalina...wish I could quickly find a pic of you in your NADIA leotard! YOU ARE ALL MY AWESOMENESS!!
11 days....11days...11 days....11 days and my SPENCER AWESOMENESS will be back in MY ARMS, and IN OUR HOUSE, and in my EVERYTHING!!!!!
So is another pic of Brittany:) Yep...she be BEAUTIFUL...but even MORE beautiful on the inside xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxx!!!
So...I am so excited for this count down that I can barely concentrate. I know its hard for you Spencer...just COME HOME, let your Momma sit in your AWESOMENESS and then you can go back for visits:)

It's been another FULL week. I hit SILVER rank in Do Terra. I know that means nothing to you...but what it means is that I have a PHENOMENAL team to work with and together we are creating this business and it IS WORKING!!!! Let me just say that ANGELITA from last week makes me smile EVERYDAY! Steve Nickle is in China this week working magic for us there!!! This Wednesday I get to go to Boise to share it with the whole fam. Finger, eyes and toe crossies that my efforts in Gainesville get me there the second week of June! This next week I also get to get back to some heavy real estate:) Who am I that I get to have 2 things that thrill me to support our family loves and loving? I LOVE my life. I am grateful to the core.

Now, let's just say that I've missed Sam more than a tad and even now the tears are my quiet moments I can feel his happiness --that helps...but again...that damn empty is at the top of my list to create it into something else this week...but somehow, that just pulls a deeper pain making this transition so FINAL. Let is be said--there is NO REPLACEMENT for that boy and his space. Be patient with me as I renegotiate how to BE with him (YOU) when I am not.

Sam, having Kelsey's aunt and uncle there was one of the God's "hey Natalie MOM...WE LOVE YOU, WE GOT THIS BOY COVERED" love taps. I am envisioning that you get to meet them today:) And that VERY SOON they feed you LOVELY fare! I get to go to the Varisty game Wednesday afternoon...they are playing Orem...word is Varsity is struggling. I'll give you an update next week. I'll miss you Bud. I will try to take some video clips for you on my super de duper new Samsung NOTE2 phone...I can read my texts and emails without my glasses...LOVE IT!

Josh surprised us and came home for the weekend...he goes into finals the week we get Spencer so its gonna be tricky. That was another of the Gods "Hey, Natalie Mom...bringing one of the other pieces of your heart home so that the hole ain't quite SO big till you get a hold of this new space of loving."
Michael has finals this week....HE MADE IT!!  HE HAS ROCKED IT!!! I am so proud of him...I  think Brittany is better than any ADHD meds we've experienced .xxooxxoo. I feel a visit to PF CHANGS in our next 12 -13 days...but Michael will be WITH us not SERVING US...get ready SPENCER!!!

Megs is heading up the Ryan Innes Fan club STILL...she did the pics  she so kindly posted below for a photo shoot to show the club members the shirt options. The whole having Ryan on the VOICE has been a BIG party at our house every Monday and Tuesday:) She is LOVING her job and even helping me a bit with Do TERRA. Seems she is destined to be my side it that whoever was in charge of sending us together as a family KNEW what a perfect match each of us would be for each other. Almost unbelievable how perfectly we all sync. Of course I like to take absolute credit for the Children choosing:)

You know your cat is TRULY OUTSTANDING when Ryan "borrows" him to mate with HIS cat, and now JAKE is trying to STEAL him since I won't GIVE him. :) Herman is excited to meet you Spencer. Our HOUSE, our CAT,our YARD, the POOL, our CARS, our EVERYTHING is vibrating with anticipation!!!! And then there are da are SO LOVED. We can't wait to bathe ourselves in that LOVE!!! The pool is cleaned and ready...will turn the heater on on the 25th so it is PERFECT no matter the weather! Slurp up every last minute....comfort yourself that the sadness of leaving is because you loved them good and hard, and know, that LOVE never ends...and they will be apart of you forever...AND some smart humans created AIRPLANES and WE KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!! (Hello England:)  )

I love you so much. BOTH OF YOU. ALL OF YOU. Pretty much anyone reading this. Where ever you are...THANK YOU for getting your LOVE all over me.
Excited to hear what YOU created for yourselves this last week...and what you will create this week!?
A sermon this Sunday morning from the church of Natalie, the MOMMA--...WE ARE CREATORS made by THE CREATORS. How do we step into our creatorship? KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. What do you want Love Bugs??? It is out there for the creating.

What do I want? I want children who LOVE themselves, and slurp up all the happiness around them and create it for themselves and others. I want skills. LOVING SKILLs. Communicating SKILLS. Creation SKILLS. Being authentic to myself SKILLS. It sends a thrill through me to know that it is all ours for the creating. In the name of Natalie, the MOMMA. Amen.

As always...can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and find you here.

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