Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter from Spencer XXOOXXOOXX

que pasa calabasas
thia week was stellar, and wow, ryan performance was amazing, it was electric, he inspires me to magnify the many talents ive been given, and i agree with you mom, angelita is an angelita, and her faith is unshaken, i love how much our world can change when our vision of ourselves, and our devine potential changes, your happiness increases and change and uncertanty become your best friends, isnt it just so exciting everything we can do and become, the sucess and the failures that lie ahead, even the failures are so amazing , i love the transiton especially from failure to success and finding more truth as you struggle and work to accomplish your goals. i am forever greatful for the things i have learned on my mission, thank you dad for teaching me obediance, thankyou mom for teaching me to love and to expect goodness, and thanks to dad mom and presidant holm for changing and molding the way i view myself and my potential for greatness and success in this life , i especially love how my mission has taught me to get over my fears of failure, i love how when ever i fail now i just say to myself " great.... next" on to the next experience , on to the next chance to use my agency and grow, and help others along to way. thanks for the long message mom it was worth it.
so on saturday sherri mcknight cafaro was baptized, and yesterday she was confirmed , and then last night the other missionaries had a baptism and waterside confirmations for two young kids, 13, and 14 ashlyn and dustin who i have gotten to teach a few time, and i was also able to interview them for baptism, they asked me to speak at it , it was two days packed full of the spirit, sherri still struggles with the guilt and stress of her wayward children, and i pray that one day she will be able to forgive herself as her heavenly father has forgiven her and move on to trusting in the mercies of our father in heaven and open up a whole new pathway of self love, worth and appreciation, sherri truly is amazing, and fun and herself, in her fiftys but still packs a punch and mouth to back it up, i love this woman, we were meant to meet and help eachother improve our lives. i cant wait for you all to meet her. she fits right in with the harris clan.
sorry to keep it short but i would like to close with my testimony.
i know that the restoration of the gospel is true in all of its truggles, fagelties and faults , the power of the preisthood truly has been restored and families really can be eternal, i know the obediance and repentance frees us, i know that christs gospel is a gospel of love and hope and vision, if only we could see our devine potential that christ sees in us, i hope and pray that i can accomplish all the things possible through him, he is my best friend, my rock and stay, he has broken the chains of death and his omnipotent powers is open for the taking through his sacred atonemant, and the restored presthood powers. i know that joseph smith was a profet, i know that thomas s monson and the quorumn of the twelve are truly devinly inspired and apointed servants of our loving heavenly father. and i tesftify of these things in the name of jeses christ amen.
elder harris
i love the joy of uncertainty, and choosing to believe that good is coming

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