Sunday, April 7, 2013 marching...

 How great is this pic??? Just wish they were at MY HOUSE....But I guess God's house is a good second:)
Spencer...hopefully the pics Dad made copies of are what you were hoping for? I cried when I saw this one...TELL ME YOU ARE NOT THE MOST ADORABLE MALE CHILD on the planet??? Look at you-xxooxx! I have  had such a wonderful and sweet life loving with you!!! Hooray for all that is yet to come! 25 days and my boy will be in MY ARMS!!! And tomorrow....Sam heads across the ocean....
My mother heart has grown capacity ...and  FINALLY I am on the LAST of this 2 year count down. I have a peace about Sam going that has not come with the rest of you. I consider it my God's gift to me. This peace does not mean I am HAPPY about his being gone, its about HIM and who he is and what he'll make of the experience.That makes it sound like I didn't trust the others of you when you left...but was the WORLD I couldn't trust. I am such a different place now. I love my world and trust that Sam will embrace the same love there. Forgive me for being late to this party my sons.

Sam...I am SO GLAD you liked the toys....tomorrow will be your last package for quite awhile. You will learn the art of self preservation being on your own and so far away,... but also the art  of self care tending. It's important that you take breaks, rest, refill your cup, treat yourself to something that makes you happy...this is when you will either PASS or FAIL at the commandment to LOVE your NEIGHBOR as can't give it if you don't love and take care of yourself. I trust you will...LISTEN to your heart...your back up voice can be.."would my MOM want me to have this or do this???" We are BOTH smiling knowing I want EVERYTHING for you!

The flight is long and FUN!!! I hope they let you watch movies cuz that will keep you sane....

Josh came home this weekend to see Leah:) Michael and Brittany are adorable...I'm already in love with her!

Dad had the skin cancer on his nose removed this week with 17 stitches...yuck! I can't look at him very well. I wonder what happened in my previous life that I've come here so weak and inadequate at helping when it comes to blood and owies? He heads to Guatemala this week....he just wishes Spencer was already home so he could take him there with him.

Spring is slow to come...Geoff got it all turned on ...just need to start the heater when we're ready...but still so far away from temps that merit it...but have no will be warm and READY upon Spencer's arrival for the BIG PARTY that night!!! His flight comes in at 2:50pm....not sure I'll be ready to share him by 6...but I don't know how I would hold his friends back.

I'm reading THINK and GROW RICH again this week. So many principles in there apply to our whole lives. We really do have to have FAITH that we will do a thing, or create a thing, or become a thing. So many many things I want to create, be and still do....thank heavens for at least another 30 years to be about it. Yes...God told me...30 more years:)

I am continually surprised at how much I am LOVING building my Do TERRA business. I'm not lonely in real estate, but it is much more fun to work in concert on a TEAM with people, instead of FOR people to make amazing things happen. And I ALWAYS love a new project! I am starting to think of all the things I have always hated or sworn I'd never do (Real Estate, MLM, running, gardening...) and going to seriously look at maybe checking them out. I think the real lesson is that there is JOY and success in no matter what you take on as long as you open your heart and choose the good and happy. 2 months ago you could not have convinced me that there is GOOD and HAPPY in an MLM business. 20 years ago you couldn't have convinced me there is GOOD and HAPPY in long distance running...10 years ago you couldn't have in Real Estate....and now I am IN LOVE with it all. The world is FILLED with phenomenal people. Getting to know them and watching how they work and what makes motivates them is so fascinating to me. Learning what MOTIVATES ME and HOW I work is fascinating to me. I love people. I love making a difference. I love learning and growing. I LOVE skills and knowledge. There was a time in my life when I wondered how in the heck I ever got to this earth...I surely didn't think that I CHOSE it....and now I am THRILLED to think of how many other earths there might be that I'll get to love and grow and be apart of....oh....and all the baby everythings!!!!! 
With that....I love you both so much there are no words....but open your hearts and FEEL my love rushing in and moving around all the love I've already encased your souls in:)

CHOOSE HAPPY My AMAZING, Talented, beautiful, smart, handsome, committed, inspiring boys...
da MOMMA xxooxxxooxooxoxoxoxo

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