Monday, April 29, 2013

FINAL EMAIL FROM SPENCER!!!!!!!! 3 days peoplexxooxx

hey family
i love you guys this week has been so great but sad and sweet and everything at the same time, yesterday the hispanics in our group threw a big party and we ate tons of food and at the end each member individually got up and said how greatful they were for me and starting the spanish work here, not needed to mentioni was really emotional and so were the members, they then sang para siempre dios este con vos, and it was awesome allthough hispanics are aweful at singing it was the sweetest moment of my mission, i dont know what life is going to be like but i vow to be the best i can be when i return home.
im not sure about pg parks and rec, what do we do? what are the hours? but the answer is probably yes i would love to work with zach, i cant wait to see you guys and the boys, and dont freak me out about school or work the first week im home please i have no clue but i will figure it out its not a decision i want to make without knowing anything.
i love you fam see you ina few days.
mom dont complain about the short message you know i love you.

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