Sunday, July 3, 2016

Make Room For ME

      FEEL the LOVE in her face.....I imagine all scripture writers have the same essence.
Mary Oliver (born September 10, 1935) is an American poet who has won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer PrizeThe New York Times described her as "far and away, this country's best-selling poet." 

I seem to come to things LATE...later than most others. This time, my late introduction is a present if she was wrapped up and saved for these very weeks of my life.

I love LOVE. I LOVE WORDS. I LOVE POEMS. I LOVE IDEAS. I LOVE Prophetesses.  I LOVE those who can speak my heart when only JOY or HURT can physically course through and my mouth moans and slags for words wanting.

A friend said to me recently, "you know Natalie, not EVERYTHING is co-ordinated and has spiritual meaning JUST FOR YOU". I needed a poem to respond. Mary has written them. Go read my response in her words...all of them. DON'T MISS ANY!!!  

Ummmmm...the BEAUTIFUL of      MY     life is...that INDEED, everything is co -ordinated with SOUL meaning JUST FOR ME.

 I CHOOSE.  :)

How incredulous that EACH OF US chooses the meanings in our lives. How fantastic the day the Fairies came and busted the walls down and let ALL the Giants (Mary Oliver) and Elemental's IN...the same day GOD became REAL....only LOVE...and Paradox His/Her/Their  Revealer.

 I was driving on TOLL road from Orlando up to home (Gainesville and Melrose)and the analogy was not lost on me that I was PAYING a fee to take the FASTER, more well maintained road...gathering my PAY within 10 days cards since I didn't have cash on me and they wouldn't accept credit.
I was listening to Tara Brach's book on Audible RADICAL ACCEPTANCE (my heart having burned as a friend at Movara shared a snipet and I knew I was to partake) when Tara reads in her own voice, Mary's poem GHOST pt 7 as follows:

Once only, and then in a dream,
I watched while, secretly
and with tenderness of any caring woman, a cow gave birth
to a red calf, tongued him dry and nursed him
in a warm corner
of the clear night
in the fragrant grass
in the wild domains
of the prairie spring, and i asked them,
in my dream i knelt down and asked them
to make room for me.

This is the first picture I hung in my new HOME after the divorce. I have had a cow "thing" use to roosters..but I moooved :) on to cows...I ALMOST bought this huge cow pic in Boise...I have witnesses...I don't need to bore you with all the details. But lets just say, Sweet SWEET friend...INDEED the Universe, OUR GOD, does co ordinate and spiritually testify its LOVE to me in EVERYTHING.

EVERYONE is my angel.


                   Especially YOU sweet friend when you BELIEVE otherwise and share that with me.

 Thank you Carol Lynn Peterson   THE VOW...MILLIES MOTHERS RED DRESS
Shakespeare, Whitman, Pam Pierson, Cummings, Maya Angelo, Dickenson, Frost, Bowning...Keats, Elliott, Jack Prelutsky...geez..I know I've forgotten some of the greats...
Yesterday after the wedding we had a lucious lazy morning just the family eating and feasting on SHEL SILVERSTEIN.
Thank you , THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Shel Shilverstein  :) :) :) :) :)    
                                              THE VOICE
                                There is a voice inside of you
                                That whispers all day long,
                                "I fell that this is right for me,
                                 I know that this is wrong."
                                No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
                                Or wise man can decide
                                What's right for YOU---just listen to
                                The voice that speaks inside.
 Friend...can you SEE how it all fits so MAGICALLY together?????

.....or a Mermaid Tail ....

I got to spend a minute or two assisting in the CREATION of hands and heart are still squealing!!!!

I went to Florida to be there for the Grand Opening of THE HEALING HOUSE OF ALACHUA...Rudy and Ashley are frontline builders for me in Do Terra. They share the LOVE and HEALING of the Oils along with many other TOOLS in the Healing Chest. Ashley is a GIFTED Angel...and so is Rudy. They wrap me in my favoritest kind of LOVE. They have built a HOLY Temple.

 Dear was God's purposed, co -ordinating magic that organized it all in synchronized timing....JUST FOR ME...sending me to their Temple for Spiritual Strengthening before  a big event in my life.  xxooxx  I was armed with sword of the Spirit... scripture from Mary Oliver. My feet shod in  remembrance of the tail of my MERMAID self :) that IS the gospel of PEACE.
Of course the PINK ones are mine :)

I wore my FAVORITE Breastplate of Righteousness (and had eyes to SEE)
I was reminded of my SHIELD of FAITH...

And clasped on the Helmet of my Salvation.....
And tightened my belt of TRUTH......

And let the Angels anoint my HEART


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