Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice

Last night (Father's Day) I got on the lake at dusk. I had Grandad Steadwell's big blue shirt on wrapping me up in his love. He showed me a gorgeous feather on the way  that I picked up and brought in to my desk on my return.

 I was off to be on the water...MY MAGIC tell whoever my Heavenly Parents really are, THANK YOU..I had the sunset to my left and the almost full moon rising over the mountains to my right. I wish you could have been there with me to feel it. It was the BIGGEST moon I remember ever seeing. I sat and breathed in the beauty, the wonder, the GIFT of it all. I could FEEL the thousands of others out there LOVING on the same moon, the same sunset...together, ALONE.

4 white ducks circled me 4 times...we were quiet together...I wondered if I am the duck whisperer :) I wondered if I was counting wrong as I noticed them deliberately circling. 4 ducks..4 times circling and then 4 areas pondering for new intentions in the next 4 months. 4 stars out. 4 lights on in the homes surrounding the lake. 4...4...4444444!

I didn't want to come in. I had paddled to the middle and was just sitting. The Lemongrass was working super well, no mosquitoes. No one was expecting me anywhere for anything. The breeze was as if I had scripted it...I actually laughed out loud and asked "Where is the sound track?" Crickets started chirping on cue and a deep frog croak kept beat.  I swear, I wondered...did that really just happen? Were they already chirping and croaking and I just noticed?????

My life IS MAGICAL. I was taught that the sensations I was feeling are the Spirit of God....this electricity at the top of my head that flickers,  the race up the back of my spine, the warm swelling in my chest, overwhelmed  in love.  I was also taught that if I'm not living the commandments that I can't feel it---that it leaves me, it can't come and stay with me. So something is amiss. Either my personal experience has disproved another doctrine or the Gods continually give me an exception. ?Whatever you are, from wherever you come, THANK YOU.  I am living my choices by these feelings and not by what others say.  I know peace.  Peace is when I take my 4 intentions to the lake, sacred  and scared, not believing I am capable, and in petitioning--- am FILLED with Hope and LOVE and KNOWING that indeed.... I AM.

There is some pretty awesome DUCK TOTEM info out there...I was sad it wouldn't copy and is just some bits:  LUCKY DUCK...preparation meets opportunity :) Be in the NOW, be in the moment, this is where all your power exists and is available to you. Go with the FLOW...where the waters take you naturally. Be at peace.
Duck Totem:To see a Duck swimming is your connection with the unconscious and emotional body. They are reminding you that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable emotionally – you are freed to move on with your life. You have the ability to blend and adapt to different situations.

Angel numbers are in fact used as tools of communication from higher powers. All thru scripture...just research the number 40..or 7 or 12....
When you are receiving messages through Angel Number 4, the message likely has something to do with support. Number 4 is thought to symbolize stability in numerology. There are many ways to interpret this message, depending on what is relevant to your life.
It is possible that this message has something to do with building a foundation of sorts. Potentially, your angels are trying to tell you that it is time to focus on creating a solid infrastructure for future ventures.
Perhaps this is a sign that you need to take the time developing your skills or knowledge in the workplace. Angel Number 4 could very possibly be a message for you to take the time to really hone in on the area of your life where you want to reap benefits. By dedicating yourself to this realm, you will be setting yourself up to reach your ultimate goals.
If you are at a crossroads, Angel number 4 might be sending you a signal to follow the longer, more challenging road. Don’t take the easy way out. You will have all of the love and support to be successful in this undertaking.
This might seem daunting initially, but know that it will be worth the effort. Taking the time to do things the right way will give you greater success in the future. If it wasn’t the right path for you, then you spiritual guides would not encourage you to pursue it.
I wish I was brave enough to take my phone with me on the water.... this pic was taken after I drug the Kayak in the house. It was a 7 golf ball night ( I found 7 balls in the reeds as I kayaked the edges)...but as I bent over to pull the kayak up out of the water...3 fell back into the murky water leaving me with 4...yep...I GET IT. I HEAR YOU. I'm grateful. I've GOT THIS   :)

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