Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

When I awoke this morning and the sun was starting to shine I was surprised I had slept so long. And GRATEFUL.  The other surprise were the feelings welled up in my throat and out my eyes. Today is Father's Day. Yes, I am grateful for my Father who gave me life,, and I love him. I came here to learn from his LOVE...and the learning has been DEEP.

But today, this Father's Day, I am flooded with gratitude that my children have THEIR Father. That together we poured out our best LOVE and got to experience the ALL of us. Not worrying about appropriateness and others interpretation, I am going to plow ahead and record MY RECORD of my love and gratitude....for me. For my children. And for Don. EPIC LOVE deserves EPIC GRATITUDE.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each of you for showing up here on the planet for me, for Dad, for US.

 Have I told you lately HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU...US???  WE ARE.....because Dad made a promise to me...and me to him. We ARE because Dad and I choose to LOVE each other for the eternities....and then could not wait to create the LOVE of YOU xxoox!!!!!   WE ARE such a BEAUTIFUL  creation.   I am grateful for all the life that has brought us to TODAY. Especially the parts that didn't feel so magical and look to others broken. (Wabi Sabi).  I love how the "broken" parts are the ones that have let  their/our  light IN. I don't believe in failure. I believe in growth and transitioning. THANK YOU DON J HARRIS. Because of your love, I am more authentically ME. Because of OUR Love and promises we have our family to share the journey of  forever.  I marvel in awe at each of our new loves and ways of LOVING. I stand incredulous in our light and knowings. THANK YOU  Don for all the love and caring and kindness and unkindnesses--- both directions. Thank you for choosing to live the REAL and the LOVE of US. Thank you for showing me other ways  a parent can Father. . Just THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE the ALL of  US.

With a disdaining smirk I thumb the IRONY of my absolute abhorrence of the Mormon Church's doctrine of Polygamy... (Yea, let's not go there)...Yet, never with a more open or FULL heart, do I JOY in welcoming Marjorie into our family circle. Paradox. Truly, paradox  IS this life's lesson.  The relief and gratitude...literally JOY,  I feel at Don's HAPPINESS in finding her! And then the JOY of Casey and Holly joining us as well...Happy tears xxooxxooxx   And...the anticipation of Father's Day's YET TO COME!!!! And the GOOD  Fathering that will happen as a duplication of  Don J. Harris' example and goodness.  HIS IS OUR LIFE!!! WE CHOOSE THE HAPPY!!! WE CHOOSE THE LOVE!!!

I LOVE the principle of FATHERHOOD.

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