Friday, June 17, 2016

6 6 16 and 6 16 16

We signed for the sell of the B's home on 6 6 16. Then...yesterday they signed to buy their new one on 6 16 16...,Not so sure I like 6" is unbelievable the number of things that went sideways...all corrected...but sideways non the less. Numbers, they MEAN things.

I just couldn''t get dressed for Strawberry Days Rodeo till I wrote down some MAGIC from today...the drive along highway 89 up into Harrison BLVD all the way up to Ogden Canyon...the 2 little boys..8 and 6 ish fishing on the pond. Soft serve ice cream at Chick Fillet. The blackbirds protecting their nest on my run. Pretending my water was coffee. Becky calling to check in. Waking up to the smell of my sheets. LOVING that I had no idea who I would meet today...and who new I might end up loving. Review from Rikki on Air B and B. Audio books. Remembering...I LOVE what I choose :)

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