Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backyard BASH with Ryan by MEGAN

 These pics are out of order but snapshots of the night. I am sad we don't have pics of EVERYONE jumping in the pool with their clothes on and dancing IN and OUT of the pool!! Yes, the police came when it was OVER and we were almost packed perfect timing. Next time have to remember to invite the PG backyard neighbors...they are the ones who called. Ryan is AMAZING!!! His little sister opened for him and she was a joy to listen to as well! LOVING living my life and letting the Number #1 take over for a party! Crazy that NONE of my boys were there!Sam is having such a GREAT time at Utah State that he didn't come home for the party!

 Wendy and Maren came and helped make the cotton candy and the popcorn.
 Even Matt came and liked it!

 Jeremy and girlies and Graham came...wish I had a pic of Elle dancing her body into nothingness....the girl didn't miss a move or a note played all night! It was JOY just watching her!!

 Meanwhile, Michael was SOMEWHERE having a blast in ALaska!!!

Took this off facebook...not sure WHO took it but thought it a funky pic of the backyard!

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