Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 10K SUGAR PLUS agreement

Ok....So this is my friend Robyn Openshaw. THE GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL! You can Google her on the net and SEE for yourself WHY she is so A M A Z I N G:) Even though she is my friend and I am dang proud to say so....she scares the CRUD out of me. She agreed to be my COACH for my Power 90 help me reach my weight goals. She is a SERIOUS SUZIE when it come to this stuff. And to prove it....she asked me to enter a weight loss wager with her where we BOTH go off sugar for a year and if either of us break it we have to pay the other $10K!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I made the wager...added the following, and am now 6 days in with only 358 days left :)

I am starting  TODAY 21 AUGUST 2012!
1 whole year with NO SUGAR  with 4 exceptions:
*Thanksgiving Day 2012-but only if I weigh 145Lbs or LESS
*Christmas Eve and Day-but only if I weigh 140 lbs or LESS
* My Birthday weekend in Florida Feb 22-25 2013  (my actual birthday is the 27th but I will be celebrating it by running the Disney Half Princess Race with my daughter and a few friends. BUT I CAN ONLY BREAK IT THAT WEEKEND IF I weigh 140 lbs or Less.
*Our Family Vacation to South Carolina to pick up Spencer sometime next May or June....I would like to have the whole week---I Promise NOT to go crazy and will limit it to 2 southern desserts! And again...I can only take this exception if I am UNDER 140 lbs.
I am going to go off Pop for the whole year with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
I am also going off any and all white bread. That could be worse than sugar for me!

She promised me that it would be such an effective head tool and BOY HAS IT BEEN...when I was at the WP Party last night I didn't even CONSIDER the possibility of the dessert. I love you Robyn...and here's to a healthier, skinner, more sexy me in the year to come!

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