Thursday, August 9, 2012

Morgan Meservy

Morgan Chase Meservy
November 2, 1990
August 6, 2012
Morgan was the first of five sons and one daughter born to Mark and Jileen Meservy. He passed away August 6, 2012 from injuries sustained in a scooter auto accident.
He served a mission to the Toronto Canada East mission and has attended BYU.
Morgan was known for his big smile and for being a hard working, fun loving, happy, and friendly person. Those who knew him appreciated his genuine nature and fun personality. He loved his family and extended family. He had a profound love for the Savior and loved to bear powerful testimony of the Lord's atonement and what it meant to him personally.
A viewing will be held Thursday, August 9, from 6-8 pm at the LDS church located at 160 S 460 W, Salem and again Friday, from 9-9:45 am at the Salem West Stake Center, 695 S 300 W, Salem. The funeral service will follow at 10 am.

Boys I love. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL about scooters and motorcycles...who knew when Jileen and I were at BYU that her first born would leave the earth this way....I really can't stand it!!! I'm STILL trying to process it. There is HUGE part of me that doesn't believe in accidents...but hey...we don't have to HURRY them! Please be SO CAREFUL out there.
There are no words for Jileen. Just buckets of love and hugs.

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Happy The Man said...

I wish I had known him, I only know of him. You can see in all of the pictures what an incredible young man he was. I have no doubt at all that the Lord called him home. He needs him on the other side of the veil just as much as He needs good folks here on this side. Morgan joins another young man who just over a year ago passed away on his mission in Chile. This boy was in my ward and dated my daughter during the high school days. He was the most righteous and good-hearted young man. He went for a morning jog with his companion and came home and dropped dead. The autopsy showed no logical reason at all for what happened. Even Russell Nelson reviewed it and said there is no explanation other than that Heavenly Father hand-picked him to work on the other side. I believe the same is true of Morgan. The Lord obviously knows how to pick the very brightest of spirits to serve on the other side. My heart goes out to Jileen and family who have to endure this separation for a time. Families are forever, it will all be alright, eventually. It's OK to mourn, it's part of mortality, it's part of what we signed up for. Greg Baker