Monday, August 13, 2012

Spencer's Message 13 August 2012

que onda?

whats up fam, this week was great we got a new family to church , antonio and his wife rebecca, rebecca is head over heals for the gospel but antonio wants to take things slow, but were way excited for them and we have an apointment to go visit them wednesday with our branch presidant, and then we have a dinner apointment with them on friday to eat posole, which is delicious. rebecca really wants her family in the gospel its awesome to see her hunger for the spirit.

besides that we had a bunch of apointments with the family tranquilino who got baptized 7 years ago before there was a branch her and were the only hispanics , then went less active cuz there was noone to fellowship them and started going to a catholic church everynow and then, lets just say they had alot of questions and were really confused but there coming back !! and we will be baptizing her unbaptized son aswell, we helped them change there tires on there car yesterday night which was way fun to get my hands dirty and to work with a car again, i love cars.

its crazy about lake powell and awesome, i told you mom its my favorite place in the world and now you understand.

we started working alot more then normal with the branch this week and its going alot better , alot more people come to church and stay active that way and im glad were finally getting the branch presidancy on board , although our second councelor is going less active, so sad, but we will strengthen him and help him along, hes just a new overwhelmed member.

and yes dad i only get x amount of tim eto email cuz we go to a library and people are waiting. sorry. plus the whitehandbook says 45 minutes to read and write.

i love you guys so much im having the time of my life being a missionary and teaching the restoration of christs church once again on the earth, hope your all doing good,

love elder harris

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