Monday, August 27, 2012

Email from Spencer 27 August 2012

hey fam !

this week was good me and elder billings are both getting new comps but were staying her e in greenville so were still excited and pimped, we had a miracle at church yesterday, to start thew meeting we didnt have any investigators there but by the end we had five! and a family, los mora, that we had dropped because they wouldnt come to church came! so exciting they will probably get baptized really soon.
our zone also hit our baptismal goal so we are going to the temple tomorrow! were doing baptisms for the dead, im a little disapointed because i really wanted to do an endowment, but i got out voted by the zone, so what can i do, but im still pumped cuz elder cardon ( terrance) is gonna slam me in the water about 5 times haha, im so glad were going tomorrow cuz he will get transfered out of the zone wednesday, it will be the perfect goodbye untill we meet again, i pray we will be companions but chances are low considering he doesnt speak spanish and we would have to be zls or aps to be companions and lets be honest im just not zl or ap material, tdog is though, hes the highest baptizing missionary so far this year and just keeps going, such a stud.
we were able to teach alot this week which was fun, it was cool to see the pics of the backyard bash, i bet that was way cool and fun, did any of my friends show? prob not but thats ok. i miss mike and jake and joshs vrew so fun and funny tell the sup from elder harris, and tell jake thanks for everything i still remember his advice given before i left, is he jake yet? i hope so. sad to see sam gone to college, i feel like hes older then me now, he just looks like a man, and is the man to be honest, i bet mom balled her eyes out, dont worry mom your gonna be fine once were all gone especially once we get gkid rolling out the hospital doors. anyways this week was great and im still happy and safe mom acuminatata, how come you never maid me a ten grand sugar bet?
anyways g2g times up
love elder harris

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