Monday, July 15, 2013

Email from Sam 15 July 2013

Hey Guys!
Quite an interesting week!  I was at this place, and as we waiting, the receptionist came up to us and said "People are recognizing the badges on you guys, and we just have to mention that if you preach to anyone you're going to have to be escorted out."  After she had left the room, everyone else waiting was telling us how rude she was, and it got everyone asking questions about the gospel, and we couldn't resist so we shared A TON about the gospel haha.  One lady was like "everytime you want to say Jesus just say 'cheese it' and everytime you want to say mormon church say 'chicken' " It made for great fun, and a few potentials, one who is now an investigator on a baptismal date in Derby.  So because that lady was so rude, we got to share the gospel :)
Wednesday we had a really good zone meeting where I learned a lot.  Later that day we were biking home from a dinner appointment.  I was biking on the side walk, and when I went off the curb, onto the main road, my front tire fell off of the bike, ramming my body, head first into the road.  I got up and had blood all over my body, including holes through my shirt, trousers, underwear.  Thank goodness I was wearing my helmet, because that was the first thing that hit the ground.  I thought i was concussed, because I had a hard time obtaining my balance.  I was so blessed that we were right next to the Rigby's house, a family that is probably the sweetest in the entire ward.  The mom saw me all bloody and torn apart and just instantly took care of me. It was such a miracle that I crashed right next to their house!  Even though I crashed, it was still a miracle that nothing serious came out of it.  Sister Rasmussen has been calling me every day since to make sure that I am alright.  She is the best! and yes I promise I am alright! (mom)
Thursday we visited a less active part member family called the clarks, who came to church on sunday, and now Jay, the dad, is an investigator!! He loves the church so far and tomorrow night we will be putting him on a baptismal date.  Please pray for Jay and his family! Also, we visited 2 other less actives who came to church.  So in total this week we brought 6 people to church!
This next week should be a really good one for us, we have a lot of plans, and a few follow up appointments with potential investigators that could turn into investigators.  If everything goes right, we will 4 new investigators this week. So please pray for us!
There is a family in the ward called the Ellis'. They are 24 and 26.  The wife's mom and dad died within 3 days of each other, last year.  His mom died last year, and his best friend/brother passed away on friday.  He is really struggling with his testimony because of all of these deaths, and could use all of the prayers he can get! Their names are Matt and shiboan Ellis, and they are so important to me, I love them so much! please please pray! 
It was a good week.  Thanks for everyone writing me! love you guys
Elder Harris.   

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