Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boy/MAN I LOVE!!! Miss you! 28 July 2013

 Crazy pic of dad's family when he was a boy...thought it might bring a smile. One of his cousins posted it this week.
 The fam met for Sushi lunch this week but I was working....
And..of course these people might bring a smile!!!!
Jeremy and kids here for the weekend...that Paper he is holding says WE LOVE YOU SAM!!! Elle lost a tooth while here and the tooth fairy brought her $5!!!

SO...another week of summer gone...I wish we could add 10 more! Running down the canyon this morning we saw a few trees getting yellow and that is just plain weird and WRONG since it is STILL JULY!!! It was only 50 degrees when we started. We saw a momma raccoon and her 5 babies...they were adorable...but grateful they were far away from MY chicken coop.

Wednesday was Pioneer Day Celebration...most of us worked...Spencer golfed :) and golfed some more. He is all signed up for his classes. We saw Michael a few times. He is ok, but not great since the break up. Friday night he and Josh went to Salt Lake with friends and he seemed ok happy when they got home. Love is a tricky business and lots of work.  I'm sad I didn't get pics of Cece AGAIN! She and her mom, Kris came Wednesday night (her bday is Pioneer Day :) ) So they celebrated at Lagoon and then came here for dinner....we took them to Sundance and Bridal Veil. The neighborhood fireworks show by the Roberts was awesome...we caught the finale!

Spencer Hulsey had his farewell today. Each morning on our way home from our run we pass Diana Otterstrom and her sister are NOT going to recognize her when you see her! She always has been an inspiration for me...but her weight loss and her attitude about it is so motivating! I will try to sneak a picture of her so you can see.  Johnny is in the MTC. We got to see Perk for a few minutes the other night. I'll be with his mom tonight...I can't wait!

My book for this week is RESOLVED 13 Resolutions for LIFE. It studies George Washington--his resolve to develop character, Ben Franklin--his resolve to develop wisdom, and Jonathon Edwards---his resolve to serve with humility. Its an incredible book on leadership. I wanna be a better leader, person, human. I am so ridiculously human. I started my own resolution for this week after reading a bit of the book with SPEAK NO ILL OF ANYONE.  I never knew I was so free with my dislikes. OR how hard it is sometimes NOT to say what you know. 50 years old and still so , so HUMAN. I will go another week on the SPEAK NO ILL. Maybe it will be my YEAR resolve. Its so silly when we speak ill anyway...WE can NEVER really know what or why or the how of other people's actions and words. I know I don't want others to judge me without being in my head and having lived my life. GREAT would it be to BE that person who only speaks the best of everyone. It humbles me to think of how good you are at this Sam and only 18. YOU ARE AMAZING SAUCE!!! And Hey!...IT COULD HAPPEN for me!! It started happening THIS WEEK!!!

I love you. EVERYDAY I wrap you in light and send my favoritest angels to be with you. I see you in my mind and hug you tight and smother you in kisses while I am in the hot tub. My love just drips off you :)  Can't wait to hear from you....

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