Monday, July 8, 2013

One SAD Mom

 Meg and I waiting for the others to meet us at the mouth of the canyon for our bike ride...we rode from the house and they had to go rent theirs at BYU rentals. My Mom would have posed just like me...I keep looking at this picture and expecting to see HER face...I never knew I did this...right down to the shoulder hunch.
 All of us at Stadium of Fire.  It was incredible! I LOVE feeling that kind of patriotic!!! The show itself was the best I've ever seen there...I wasn't even that excited to go...I LOVE to be surprised!
 We missed you. BAD. REAL BIG BAD we missed you. We missed Michael and Brittany too...but not like "we haven't freakin' seen you in 4 months BAD"...cuz yea...that's how long its been.

 The rest of the bikers....
 Ronnie at the top...Vivian Park..half way....

So...I so DESERVE to be in trouble. FORGIVE ME??? I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!!!!! Yesterday morning when I went to blog our power was out for a few hours. THEN that messed up the internet connection. I fell asleep while Spencer was fixing it last night and never got back up till this morning. I think you can guess how I'm feeling. Think maybe I should fly to England to make up for it...REALLY. You were SO MISSED this week. every day...still working on getting over the whole separation anxiety thing. Enough said. I LOVE YOU!!! xxooxxooxx. There are parts of being human I really HATE.

Ellen, Tina and Boys arrived on Tuesday and the rest of the gang got here on the 4th. We pretty much ate ourselves silly and just relaxed by the addition to what is posted in pictures above. It was the twins birthday so we went to Carrabas for dinner and they went to a movie and did some shopping. Amber, Jacob and Ian are here for this week so we will go to the zoo and some movies and just hang at the pool. Listening to them laugh while they play APPLES to APPLES is sweet. I took them to Despicable ME 2 and they loved it...Spencer came too.

I went 3 days without my thyroid meds and it has really messed me up. I didn't do it on purpose...just got so busy and each day forgot to go pick it up at the pharmacy  and then would want to spit in the mornings when I went to go take it and didn't have any. I feel mad that my body is so effected by this stuff that I am taking to HELP MY BODY  that I never took before... BEFORE I was NEVER tired...always hours and hours of energy. I'v been back on 2 days now...but something is funky. I feel a little depressed. So much going on, so much to do...but usually I THRIVE on that. Ever since Florida I just want to STOP and go back to Florida all by myself and lay on the beach, run on the beach, and eat and read and sleep on the beach. Weird for me. I was so effected by how RELAXED everyone there seemed to be. And their worlds are plotting along just FINE. What happened to the Florida girl in ME?? I don't think its that I'm depressed....its more just I WANT TO STOP AND HAVE A VACATION FROM EVERYTHING!!!

Today is a new day. YOU are great, and I know you forgive me even though I don't forgive myself so much yet for you missing a letter from me this morning. .I am going to cross my fingers that you can recheck sometime this week KNOWING that I will have posted for you.  Sheri called yesterday and she and some of the kids are coming in August so that is FREAKING AWESOME! It's the beginning of the month for DoTERRA... I have a humongo goal to hit, but have a great plan for 2 of the legs and working on another for the third! And when I hit it I will have kept my word to Allyse and that will be relieving.  I have great real estate clients. I have some AWESOME investment deals in the works for the BIG BOYS.  The kids are here and we will go to the zoo and you know that makes me happy. It's HOW to fit everyone and EVERYTHING IN.

Spencer is LOVING his work...just wishes he could play golf MORE...OF COURSE! He bought some fancy smancy golf clothes and looks  A M A Z I N G each morning as he heads to work.  Michael and Brittany had a blast in Seattle...they are so stinkin' cute!Michael discovered he DOES like seafood...I guess he just hadn't had GOOD seafood before.  Still not sure what we are doing to celebrate Michaels birthday. Megan has been dating people off of this TENDER site and its been fun to see her "work through" some options. Relationships can be so funky. Laura is still our angel...she made these enchiladas for dinner yesterday that rocked our world. Seriously...ONE OF YOU MUST MARRY HER!!!!! Josh came for the fourth and has let his hair grow and is even MORE beautiful if that is even possible. He had to hurry back ...his term ends the 17th of July so he'll be able to come down more after that. Dad is doing Dad work stuff. Been signing some big deals for the church. Broke his little toe on Saturday and it is bugging him a lot.

I love you so much. I love that you are so tough. I love that you love what you are doing. I love all the amazing choices you have made that you are who you are. I LOVE that you are kind and thoughtful and smart and wise and happy and affectionate and funny and love sports and so athletic. I love you for all the JOY you've brought me. I LOVE YOU MOST FOR CHOOSING TO COME TO ME!!!!!!!! You are missed Baby Boy. You are SOOOOOOOO Missed. 

The Momma

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