Sunday, July 21, 2013

21 July 2013

 Da Boyz you LOVE...all together saying GOOD BYE to Ty Day as he is about to head out. Got a message on my voice mail from Johnny Dupre...his farewell is this afternoon at 1. Now they will ALL be gone.

 Scott posted this...London got to go meet up with one of Scott's bands in Chile....
 The girl got married. Madeline is officially off the market.
 This was SUCH a good perversely FUNNY! A must see when you get home. Makes me feel like there is still some adventure and zing left to be had after 50 :)
I really need to see pics of you AFTER the BIKE crash...and I'd still love to see pics of your apartment! I LOVED GETTING MY LETTER THIS WEEK!!!! Made me realize that I NEED to get you written delivered letters as well. Did your package come? So EAGER to hear about your week.

My book this week has been to get deeper into the COURSE OF MIRACLES....they have a workbook that accompanies it. I've been doing a daily study for 26 days now, am on lesson 24, and am so ....can not think of the right word....I feel so settled, so peaceful, so HAPPY to be studying HOW to open my mind and keep it open. So many crazy misconceptions and fears in my head and heart that I want to rewrite. Where are you studying?

 Aunt Jeremi turned me on to another Spiritualist named Panache Desai from London ...this is a net write up about him:

Panache Desai is an inspirational visionary and contemporary spiritual master in the field of consciousness and vibration. His energetic gift of vibrational transformation—a set of infinitely expansive energetic tools and technologies designed to unlock infinite potential—has inspired and shifted the lives of thousands around the world. He acts as a direct line between divine consciousness and helps people of all nationalities, religious beliefs, and faiths to transform their lives. As he travels the world providing experiential programs and inspired living workshops, he empowers people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.
You know how much I LOVE ME SOME AMAZING ENERGY!!!! I've enjoyed reading his ideas this week. They mesh perfectly with the COURSE IN MIRACLES. I wish you had access to some of his to aid in your Elder Pauly situation....but YOU my sweet son came here with the perfect energy of happiness and kindness and patience. POUR YOUR LOVE ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

My new favorite quote for becoming a Presidential Diamond in Do TERRA came from Zig Ziglar this week:
I GO AFTER MOBY DICK IN A ROW BOAT AND TAKE TARTAR SAUCE WITH ME. :) That is a Sam Harris attitude if ever I read one. I'm posting it on the wall above my white board to keep me smiling. And we all know our behavior follows our attitudes....  I had an amazing DO TERRA week. And I'm working on a few real estate investment deals for the big boys that are so exciting. I love to get up in the morning.

Joseph Hatch is staying with us while his folks are in NY with the rest of the family. It was his birthday this week...I made him Aunt Kori's French toast recipe with the wickedly yummy cream syrup....make me miss you and wish I was going to be making YOU your birthday breakfast. I fattened up your you MAKE SURE you go treat yourself!

Thursday Night Dad and I and the Nickel's went to the Kenny Chesney concert...that boy could sing for days and not be done with his number one hits...he totally crushed Tim McGraw's concert. You could sing to every song. Then we went to see the movie RED 2 on Friday night so its been a fun weekend. Especially when I declared it an official WHOLE DAY off for me yesterday and stayed out by the pool and then had Costa Vida for dinner!!

Sefa came by last night and his Homecoming is today. He seems even more HUGE! And HE SAID..."I can't stay...I have to go prepare my talk" THAT is a changed boy! Made me smile.

I get through the MISSING you by knowing that there is a whole other world --army --of angels, guardian, guides, ascended masters and my GODS that  LOVE YOU  like I do and that every thing ...and I mean everything that comes to you is perfectly for you and your good. You ALREADY are pure GOOD. England is so lucky, blessed, fortunate, have you on her soil. I AM SO lucky, blessed, fortunate to have been gifted as YOUR MOTHER. When you wrote in your letter that we will always be best friends...I just knew that this is NOT the only life we have been best friends in. And how ironic that even though I am your mother, YOU are my teacher.  I miss having you here to talk to. I miss having your HAPPINESS OOZING around our  house. I miss your hugs, I miss your smile, I miss your excitement sharing over all you love. I MISS YOU.

Make it a SAM HARRIS WEEK!!! Can't wait for tomorrow morning!
Mom xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx

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