Sunday, July 14, 2013

LOVE YOU SO BIG!!!! 14 July 2013

 Megs rescued a baby falcon at work this week.
This is a picture of our future grandkids adorable is this???
Sunday night hanger tacos brought to you by Megs and Laura.... awards for picture taking this week! And we even went to the zoo and to 2 movies and Trafalga with Amber and Ian and Jake....and meg had a ward party here and Spencer had the general friend fare here....BUT I WORKED A TON and the camera just never got out. The zoo is under construction and one of the sea lions died...but all will be back to BETTER than when you left when you come home.

Dad and I just got back from taking them back to their parentals. Pam and Rich are adding on to the back of their house so they were just done tearing off the deck. Mac and Kris had us for an INCREDIBLE dinner...I felt like I was "living" in a magazine...we ate out by their pool with misters misting us and pnadora playing the best jazz...I'm so gonna copy her! Cece even made it home in time for us to see her...You/WE are so going to love having her so close come fall. We came back early this morning and stopped in Logan and took Josh and Dave to late lunch. Josh's final in the nasty calculus class in Wednesday and then he's free till fall semester starts.  I got to meet our tenant in the condo (NICE GUY). Took cookies to Jeremy's and Preston came up and we had a quick hug and visit. I LOVE LOGAN even if just for all MY PEOPLE that live and love there.  Right now Megs is having a crowd for those freaking amazing hanger tacos they serve at tortilla bar in the kitchen. She and Laura have that recipe down pat. SO YUM!!! Ryan is here...his little sister and her bestie is staying here thru Thursday. If  the good fairy steps in and lets Cece off work she and Kris will come this weekend...I have my fingers crossed :) Spencer taught his first golf lesson this week and is golfing with his chiropractor tomorrow. He is so kicking it in sales. Hard for him to want to go to school.

I just read Dad's letter to you and I smiled that he LIKED the book we listened to on the way home. We know he rolls his eyes when I come home with more books..but at least I READ THEM!!! :) And I got to smile again when in part of this book he talked about how "intellectually minded" people feel starved for more and more knowing and they have stacks of books around all the time!! So that's how you can label me... "intellectually minded" :) I so LOVE ME A BOOK!!! I've read 2 others of Matthew Kelly's --the 7 LEVELS OF INTIMACY and PERFECTLY YOURSELF. I hope you will read his stuff when you can. My book this week was his  THE RYTHMN OF LIFE. It was a beautiful thing to read it first, LOVE IT, then to just sit and listen to him for the 6 hours as we drove, repeating all the peace and new doctrine I wanted to capture in my heart...sinking it even further into my soul. If only I LIVED everything I KNOW.  I love everything this man writes. I am going to include the quote Dad shared with you HERE so everyone else can get a taste and  go read him:

“Life comes down to two simple realities.  People were made to be loved, and things were made to be used.  Your problems, my problems, and indeed all the world’s problems come from our misunderstanding of these two simple principles.  You see…..we love things and we use people.  It would not be too much to dedicate one’s whole life to the reversal of these simple realities. ….The answer is never to love less.  The answer is always to love more.” 

Michael LOVED his package you angel brother!!!! The shoes are great! We will celebrate his birthday Monday night.  Grandad (72) and Graham (5) had their birthdays this last week...and Laikyn had hers at the first of the month....soon it will be YOURS!!!!!

VERY ANXIOUS to hear from you in the morning....hope to be UP when you post!!!
Hey... I LOVE YOU...and if I could...I would SO HOLD YOU TIGHT!!!! Actually, I do each night before sleep. It gets me through. I hear you say to me "Come here...come on, get in here" With your arms open for a hug...and then you squeeze the fat out of me and I squeeze you back. THAT makes for super sweet dreams.

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