Monday, July 1, 2013

THE BAMMER 1 july 2013

I'm still in Eastwood! and I'm still with Elder Pauly! which is extremely bittersweet.  I'm so happy i'm still in Eastwood, however, Elder Pauly goes home in September, and so his attitude towards missionary work isn't extremely positive, he's looking more towards going home than anything else, and it's really frustrating trying to get him exited and motivated again.  Please pray for us to still be able to work hard and be motivated! I was so shocked to hear that nothing had changed at transfers. At first I didn't think it was inspired from president to keep us together.  Then I said a prayer, and received a confirmation from the spirit that we are still together for a really important reason, so I am still exited to see what this transfer has to offer!
We have been finding like crazy because our investigator pool is empty once again.  This following week we should have a few new investigators though, because we found a ton of potentials this past week.  I went out on splits with a guy in the ward called Edgar, and he speaks absolutely no English, so I was speaking in spanish with him the whole time. I really have learned so much, and am still confused on why I wasn't called to serve somewhere spanish speaking! haha just kidding I know I'm in England for the right reasons, I just love spanish! and I'm going to be so jealous when I get back and Spencer and dad are speaking in Spanish the whole time. 
We played baseball as a ward on saturday after a service project which was such a blast.  No one in England knows how to swing a bat properly so they were amazed to see a few americans who knew how.  Susan is still doing great, she came to the service project and brought a ton of food to the munch and mingle yesterday.  Mom and her would get along really really great.  I am going to share with her some of the doterra oils next time wer go and visit her. 
I don't really need anything. Birthay package... mom just surprise me! you'll do great, you always do! How is Perk and J.P?? please send me their addresses! I saw my friend Andrew Kenney on the missionary broadcast done by the brethren. That was an outstanding meeting, I felt the spirit the entire way through.  I wish I would have taken general conference more seriously growing up. These men are so inspired and when they talk the spirit is just incredible. Just keep praying for the work to go forth for us! I pray for each of you by name everyday! and think about you multiple times every day. I love you guys so much! you are the best family eva! take care :)
Elder Harris.

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