Sunday, June 30, 2013

SUMMER!! 30 June 2013


 Yep...he's OUTTA here......
 Michael had an amazing time at Havasupi! And leaves for Seattle for a week today with Brittany:)
 Saw Rosie and LOVE HER STILL...looks like she is loving her cruise line job.
 This was so great of the Beans I had to post it...
Its  been a sweet week. Work is crazy good...on ALL fronts. Dad was in Mexico. It has been super HOT and the POOL has been FANTASTIC...LOVE ME SOME WATER! Feels like most ALL our friends made it here to rest from the heat this week. You know that makes ME so happy...just wish I could not work and get in and hang with them. Wish I could find an "investor" who thought I'd be a GOOD investment to pay me to just hang out and  love my back yard....and the people who visit.
Spencer spoke in church today on Chastity. My favorite part was when he asked everyone to remember not to judge each other....he is a talented speaker. I love that he speaks from his heart. That talk should have scored him a few dates :)  I was surprised at how much my own feelings have changed on this subject since I was dating. Hooray for time, experience and change. I hope I live to be old and to share with you the experiences that time gifts you and to see the changes that come.
Love love love love love LOVE is all there is. YOU coming to ME (Dad would get huffy here and say "to US") is one of the greatest examples of that!
I am sad I don't have more to report. I oddly thought of you every time I got in the car this week...a  strange occurrence. It makes me wonder what it is connected to? It was so obvious that I wondered if you are OK??? Then I wondered if I worked myself into some psychological snit? I am eager to hear from you tomorrow. Send pics of the new flat if you have them? Also birthday package ideas? I'm anxious to hear how long it takes for you to get the last package. My heart soared as I saw how HAPPY you are in the Baptism Pics.  I love it like right now when I know you are home safe and sleeping:)
May the angels fly you home in that sleep for a golf with Spencer and a swim with me and lunch with Dad.....get your love all over em"!!!!! Here's a truck load to you from me!

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