Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

 Spencer buzzed his head...I had just gotten use to his hair...not sure which way I like best...maybe hair? Lucky him, EITHER way he's beautiful!
 BIKING! Glorious Biking on the trails!!!
Another Saturday Pool Party...there are no words for how much we LOVE this pool!!!

We missed you at our Father's Day Breakfast this morning. We missed you at Father's Day Hanger Taco Dinner that Laura and Megan made last night. We miss you when we go to the midnight show of Superman. We MISS YOU when we go to the Tim McGraw Concert.  We went with the Nickles...I was sad...Tim is trying on his NEW stuff from his new album and I don't like it. I hope Kenny Chesney leaves his NEW stuff home when he comes next month!

I am leaving for Florida today:) Off to Do Terrorize the south...pray I get 3 bulders will you?
I am sad I won't be able to go to the beach. I am SO excited to see so many of my friends.

This morning was CJ's farewell. Someone took clippers to Herman. I am sad... I wanted to groom him like a lion like Karie use to do to Moby...guess it can still happen...but he looks funny around his face. It's the US OPEN and SPENCER is in HEAVEN...Spencer bought Dad a new putter for Father's Day. Josh came home too:) Michael and Brittany are STILL ADORABLE!!! Michael is loving being in his new place.

I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Send me pics of your new flat K? Let me know when you get your package...I know I just sent it so it will be a few weeks.
LOVE em' GOOD and LOVE em' Hard:)
The Momma
P.S. This is Meg. I wanted you to see Joshy face too! I am texting 3 boys and have been out with one of them twice. I'll probably go out with him and another one this week. So yeah, I channeled my inner Sam Harris and started working it ;) Bring on the free dinners! Keep praying. In the meantime I'm having a great summer so far with my girls! LOVE you!!!!

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